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Comment Re:Average I.Q. (Score 1) 534

Since we are all born atheists, then choose our religions, it does seem a bit odd, but it is true about I.Q.

  Also how many years of positive karma on this site, 2 posts and it goes to bad?
This site is fucking done anyway, I am going to have a fun time trolling here. It is easy now, seems all the smart people have left.

Comment Re:I hate to be this guy... (Score -1, Troll) 188

So why are people of the world still dying of starvation? Maybe instead of throwing money at the problem we can research what works. That was my point, STOP spending on things like space until the problem is fixed, if the trillions aren't enough, we aren't doing good enough or care enough. It isn't about the money, it's about actually fixing the problems we have before we move forward elsewhere.

Flaimbait for wanting people to be fed watered and shltered? I expected more from /. but then again, why would I expect more from a bunch of desk jockeys?

Comment I hate to be this guy... (Score -1, Flamebait) 188

...but people are still dying of starvation and lack of water on THIS planet. =\

I know space exploration is very important, but shit, let's get real here. I feel guilty driving a newer model Honda Civic knowing that if I bought something cheaper I could maybe feed someone less fortunate.

Comment A question: (Score 1) 937

To religious theists, do you remember when you choose to be religious? If so, at what age did you decide to become a religious person who believes in a god?

One thing that bothers me is, whenever people say, "oh, you are an atheist, so you don't believe there is anything after death?" That has NOTHING to do with being an atheist, all atheism is, is not thinking there is a great creator, you can be atheist and fully believe in an afterlife, ghosts or even praying.

Comment Don't they need... (Score 2) 405

Reasonable suspicion or probable cause first?

Nothing is reasonable about scanning every single license plate you see. If the camera could scan the color/make/year etc of the vehicle, the compare that against known stolen vehicles or vehicles used in other crimes FIRST, then I could see them scanning the plate and doing further investigation, but just blindly scanning plates and recording their location is very disturbing.

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