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Comment Re:pull the other one (Score 1) 691

Also along the Occam's Razor line, wouldn't something like the particle beam failing to focus tightly enough be a more likely example of the universe failing to "let" the event occur? ("Focusing the beam" might be the wrong mechanism but basically I mean something closer to the actual event rather than a superconducting failure perhaps 100's of meters away from the actual collision.)

Comment Natural Occurrence? (Score 2, Interesting) 691

Isn't one of the defenses of the safety of colliders such as the Large Hadron that natural collisions at even higher energy levels happen all the time in the universe, just not in front of a sensor that can accurately measure it? Therefore, scientists aren't doing anything that isn't "supposed" to happen. Or maybe it's the _observation_ that isn't supposed to happen. (-;

Comment Ironically... (Score 1) 152

...this cell phone/tech blog has pretty much guaranteed that Dell WILL NOT use the Alienware branding to release an Android-based cell phone. In fact, I think that Dell/Alienware could claim that the article damages their brand. It is clearly misleading given many of the responses here.

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