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Comment Re:Think of it as evolution in action. (Score 2) 296

*Sigh*. If you read the article from the link provided, you would find that we have fosfomycin in the US, it's just not on the short list of approved antibiotics; it is, however, approved for some form of cysts...and its usage here would simply be an off-label usage. In other countries, it seems, it is on their short list of approved antibiotics.

Comment Re:Think of it as evolution in action. (Score 1, Insightful) 296

In other words, it's a clickbait article (but then, any article decrying the end of the world tends to be).

Having RTFA (and some others, apparently), the bacteria in question is resistant the 26 antibiotics on the US shortlist of approved antibiotics (read that again, and think about what that means). Posthumously, they found that this strain is probably susceptible to fosfomycin (

What more, there are more than 26 antibiotics in existence...and all of you who believe this super-bug stuff need your heads examined.

Comment Re:Mystery solved (Score 1) 133

"And your gender is determined not in some magical early moment but quite late in foetal development, and not cast in stone as you're also surrounded by female hormones until birth."

Uh, you are aware that ovaries do produce Testosterone, albeit not as much as testes? What more, Androgens...I've lost your attention.

Comment Re:Why not? Ask Lenovo (Score 1) 161

Actually, I've been waiting years for a laptop with a 21" or 23" lcd screen.

I'll take that, and a full size keyboard. And maybe a detachable laser mouse. Or a mouse pad (aluminum) that swings out from the laptop for a laser mouse. I hate touchpads...they seem to have been created by someone who never suffers from the need for clarity during a file / folder selection operation, especially on a "live-ish" machine.

Comment Because (Score 5, Insightful) 435

Because in movies like 'Avatar', the 3D is done well. In some other movies, it's a cheap parlor trick ("Let's have something jump out at them, that's worth the 3D tax for this movie"). And in other movies, it's obvious the director doesn't care / doesn't know how to make use of the 3D element: I guess they just film in 3D, keep the existing Z-axis values, and hit upload ("What is the foreground, what is the background, should my actors / characters have very flat Z-values or should I try to 'HDR' that, highlighting what's really impressive").

No capes.
No 3D jump-out scare scenes.


Facebook Discloses New Measurement Errors, Continues To Hone Its Math ( 36

An anonymous reader shares an article on MarketingLand: For the third time since September, Facebook is disclosing new measurement errors. The two new errors affected the reaction counts Facebook reports on Pages' Live videos, as well as the engagement figures Facebook reports for off-Facebook links; the latter link engagement metrics were recently used in investigations by BuzzFeed and The New York Times into fake news articles' performance on Facebook. In addition to acknowledging the two new errors -- of which one has been corrected and one is still being inspected -- Facebook has refined a measurement marketers may reference when buying ads through the social network. None of the aforementioned metrics had any impact on how much money Facebook charges advertisers for their campaigns. But they may have informed brands' Facebook ad-buying strategies as well as brands', publishers' and others' Facebook-related content-publishing strategies.

Comment How about (Score 1) 83

How about fixing your website(s), which use FTP, and possibly Telnet, before focusing on your printers? There are an awful lot of people who would love to be able to replace broken parts without spending 3 days trying to guess the right part number, as well as some of us working on more interesting equipment (like the Alphas) who just love it if you would fix some of those broken links to much needed firmware upgrades.

As for your printers, charge a lot for the printer, give it the ability to run some version of linux (which it probably does already) with lots of RAM and a HD/SSD, and low cost color laser printing. Oh, and network (wired) printing. And people will love you. High DPI printing, scanning (High DPI scanning), faxing (+ over the internet), etc. are just gravy.

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