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Comment Re:The moral of the story is that (Score 1) 173

Agreed. They got the interface right on it the first time, and it never needed changing (I'm looking at you, Audacious, Banshee, Windows Media Player, etc.). Also, not a resource hog, unlike...almost every other alternative.

The window manager should not 'lag' when loading your music player. Music editor? Maybe. But player? I don't think so.

Comment Exit Interview (Score 1) 237

I suppose the exit interview did not go well.

Curious writings though: "What happens though if the person being fired is an IT system administrator in charge of managing those accounts?" "Venzor was let go from his position at the company's help desk and immediately turned volatile."

Something's missing. They call him an IT system administrator in one sentence, then say he was a part of the company's help desk in the next. Collecting usernames and passwords, this I see, and an account 'disguised' as a printer...however, the kind of damage he has caused speaks of privilege escalation. Was he one System Administrator among many, or was he the Domain Administrator? Perhaps a Network Administrator? These types aren't typically referred to as "help desk" personnel.

And what exactly did they say to him, when they fired him? (Note the lack of the words "let go") What was the incident for which they were firing him?

Comment Many things (Score 2) 230

But the top two from my list are 1.) constant updates (there are always zero-days, it seems, with Flash), and 2.) while Flash is great for content owners / providers, it sucks balls for content buyers / consumers (imagine trying to navigate a website entirely made out of Flash....yes, people have done this; try playing a Flash video when the streaming site is overloaded (can only buffer so much) or the embedded controls's a horror.

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