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Comment can we talk about it now? (Score 5, Funny) 77

When the Matrix Online was first announced, back in June '03, a Slashdot story was posted. In the comment thread was posted the following:
no point talking about it because... (Score:1) by Omroth (673505) on Monday June 02, @08:29AM (#6094759) Mark my words, this game will *never* be released.
http://games.slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=66215&ci d=6094759

Well, Omroth, I *did* mark your words.

You see, I have been a developer on the Matrix Online project since its onset. I'm not generally thin-skinned, particularly about what people post on Internet forums. But for some reason, your ignorant, casual dismissal of the nearly two years of work my teammates and I had already put into this project plus any and all of our future efforts, well, it just really stuck in my craw.

Now the game has released, got any more words of wisdom? Any more predictions to share, perhaps?

You know, I suppose I really ought to thank you. Whenever the project faced a setback or a delay, whenever the grueling work schedule seemed especially endless, whenever I could not find an elusive bug despite hour upon hour of searching - in short, whenever I felt like we could never get this big, complicated game out the door - I only had to think of your comment here. Any frustrations and hopelessness would fade away, and my level of motivation would surge.

So, I sincerely hope you pick up a copy of Matrix Online and check out what we've accomplished. Because in your own small, cynical way, *you* actually helped make it possible!

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