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Comment Re:They're not learning (Score 1) 716

Yeah it works well if all you want to do in life is go to school.

That's the point, It works well to complete school. Getting a degree has little to do with learning (although it very much should IMO) and much more to do with being able to regurgitate information.

Doing the minimum isn't enough in some fields...

Tell that to some of the guys I work with.

Comment Re:Sipping From a Firehose (Score 1) 214

Work done by the engine on the alternator is exactly that, work. It costs extra power (and hence fuel) to run. Have you ever wondered why using high load electrical components and air conditioners hurts fuel economy? The main point of the heat based system, is that it uses energy from a source that is not otherwise used.

Comment Re:Sipping From a Firehose (Score 4, Informative) 214

I worked at Toyota for a while we have been talking about this for at least a year. The technology has been around for a long time, but we usually call them thermocouples. It's exactly the same concept, except they need to be much larger, and have a much higher temperature differential to be useful. The main problem is the size and weight. The weight is significant when you're looking to reduce mass to improve fuel economy, and obviously it adds cost to the vehicle.

As for extracted heat reducing the efficiency of the engine, after heat leaves the cylinder head, unless it is used to do work (as in a turbocharger) it is waste.

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