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Comment When it makes the code more readeable (Score 1) 239

I tend to use so called unnecessary code when the codeneed to be human readeable.

This may vary,if writing something that is intended to be read by novices or some funcition that in my understanding should be explained by more verbose code.

I try to write self commented code where I can , and I'm a believer in simple to to read functions instead of 'virtuoso'code that needs heavy comments


Comment Check the data first (Score 1) 983

Some times I do hoard some data, usually after some harddisk change of something, in wich case i get a folder named olddisk with the contents of the old disk, this method does lead to having a bunch of such folders, like olddisk1 olddisk2 and so on, I usually take far too many photos on my trips so I end up with GIGs of photos, I can imagine a person who takes vidoes of everything would fill 20TB in a couple of years... anyway, im trying to lead this to a non piracy based all music and torrented video scenario. what I do,bear in mind that I only have 2 TB of stuff, is : run a duplicate finder program,maybe you (ops, I meant your friend) have to much duplicate stuff. if there are many videos, are they in the apropriate quality and sampling rate ? do your VHS tapes really need to be in 1080p ?


1) use a raid station to backup. I have a synology I use for bck.
2) keep the sdcards after they are full. I do not erase sd cards from my camera, I just store them remotelly, cheap baackup for one of the most precious and inpossible toreproduce files.
3) get 10 2TB hard disk to copy your stuff and store it :) I really cant visualise getting 20TB of data for a home user...


Comment LEGOS (Score 1) 458

Give him Legos , on of the top most educative toys. same goes for mecanos or other sets of building games . stay away from construction toys that make you build the exact same thing over and over again, with legos you can build tousands of stuff with a single generic bucket. and now there is INDIANA JONES themed lego OMG , i must have it

Comment Pure pedantism (Score 1) 736

Today's titles are a stupid form of pedantism, I'm the IT guy in my company and although I do pretty much everithing from coding to support lame users, I do not care about the title, used to work in other companies with 'softare achitects' that didnt have a clue of anything but m$ stuff, Database operators and designers who dindt have a clue about anything a DB is. You are what you are, and I do prefer to be underestimated than exposed asa fraud. Man I dont mind being calld an employee rather than a colaborator, a computer company is not a partner, neither is your communications company they are your supliers . It makes me mad to ear about 'a company mission isto give their clients the best ... ' BULLSHIT a company is there to mke money ! if the client doesnt make money they'll dump it Jorge

Submission + - Best AV for 150 computer network 3

DirtyFly writes: Hi,

After googling a lot about this subject , I still cant make up my mind between Kasperski or AVG or NOD32.

We use CA etrust and pest patrol and they are very bad detecting and removing threats, so im searching for an alternative. from your experience what would you recommend ?


Comment So what ?! (Score 1) 921

So what !? My mother 70 yo now used to learn french cursive, German cursive and the standard Portuguese cursive. I only learned the Portuguese kind, and it useless now. I do believe that learning cursive is good to give the kids agility in their hand and control over fine movement but of litle less use than that. Today whe I have to hand write i use a mix of style, mut its easy to read by any one ! Jorge

Comment Pay up, and think twice next time (Score 1) 476

When you do a deal, one part gives you some stuff and you give some stuff to them, When the MCPs did the 3 year deal with M$ they got some advantages they would not get if they made a different deal, right ? When you make a contract you should read the whole thing and think about it, not just sign it because everyone does, it was this kind of behavior that gave M$ its absolute supremacy , if MCP just have said 'No , I wont sign this contract because it sucks' in the first place, then they woulndt be in this situation



Submission + - How to charge for development

DirtyFly writes: "Hi all
The question is simple, I'm being asked for prices to develop some software , and I don't know how to charge for the projects, shall it be by a project base ? Hourly rate ? Shall I calculate the amount of time im going to put into the development and multiply it by an hourly rate ?

How do you guys charge ?
Thank you


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