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Submission + - What NASA could teach Tesla about the limits of autopilot (scientificamerican.com)

DirkDaring writes: Tesla's autopilot along with Uber, Google and others has gotten seemingly weekly attention in the news for cars which drive by themselves. But another rather large organization has already been down this path for a very long time — NASA. They found that the more foolproof the automation’s performance becomes the harder it is for an on-the-loop supervisor (or driver) is to monitor it, which is the opposite of what Tesla is aiming their autopilot to be.

Comment No, we're DECADES away from self driving (Score 1) 146

"And we're so close to making them happen". No, we're not. Stop believing the hype, we're literally still in the infancy of self driving, the problems that still need to be addressed are numerous and not easy.

"What NASA could teach Tesla about the limits of autopilot" is a great read. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/rundown/time-seem-fly-faster-age/

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