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Comment Impossible (Score 1) 609

Even the most logical society still needs some axioms this logic can build upon. And these axioms are usually values which themselves stem from instincts and emotions. This is why two seemingly rational people can discuss for hours and hours and still end coming to different conclusions because deep in their mind they both want different things.

Brave New World solved this contradiction by assuming that most peoples interests are pretty basic (eat, sleep, drink, fuck) and can be satisfied by industrial progress while any other desires (like the need for a deeper meaning of one's existance) can be suppressed/satisfied with Soma. I don't remember if the novel gives an answer to the question why those who have those "unwanted desires" would not find that treatment degrading.

Comment Because (Score 1) 359

Because Star Trek has a strong idealist humanistic message which means that every lifeform, even those with the most alien shape and morality, deep in their heart want peace and prosperity and can therefore be reasoned with.

This is why pretty much every conflict in Star Trek is really just a fantastic diplomatic dispute.

Star Wars on the other hand is full of irredeemly evil and powerful people (Palpatine, Jabba etc.) who are mostly motivated by their desire for power and who can only stopped by force.

Funny enough, the TNG movies are not much different from Star Wars movies with less diplomacy and more action.

Comment It isn't that easy (Score 1) 508

If we ever come to a world where most of the population doesn't work at all, the respect for work will eventually fade. For most people money will be something that is "just there" without them having any direct relationship to where it comes from. Consequently conditions for those who actually do work will worsen as they lack the necessary majorities to push their political interests.

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