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Submission + - Waiting for operation to finish at "100% complete" !

Direshot writes: As an unsaid rule of software development, I try to make the applications I develop as precise as possible. I am also a daily user of Microsoft's Windows as well as developer products. However, interestingly, I don't see the same principles being applied here. More to the point, I constantly run into installs or updates where the status message says 100% (or the status bar is full) and the install or update still goes on for a couple (if not many) more minutes. I don't want to single out Microsoft since I've seen this issue in so many products (probably they use the same install/update technology) but as far as me as a user is concerned it's something with the Operating System since that's what is telling me it's 100% but still making me wait.

I ask, how hard could this be to fix ? Is it too much to ask for an accurate status of an operation or is it just not worth the work ???

Comment In the end this hurts everyone (Score 1) 409

Well, if Oracle or Microsoft or any company wants to find good talent at cheaper rates anywhere in the world, it's fine. However what is not fine is bringing them at cheaper than local rates to another locality/country. As one of the poster already mentioned "Its the Law". That is because it brings the cost of labor down in that locality and everyone in that industry gets hurt. In the long run, even the company who hired the person at lower price since the consumer is not stupid. In some time they will learn to negotiate the product at the lower price.

Comment What is space ? (Score 1) 106

At the moment we don't even know what exactly are we measuring. Yes we might measure distance in terms of time taken by light to cover it but then what is time ? The concept of Scale might not be as easy to understand as it appears. A whole (alternate ? Micro ?) universe might actually exist inside a bacteria crawling under the tip of my fingers as I write this ? Can you prove that it doesn't ?

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