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Comment Is this whole story a troll? (Score 5, Insightful) 277

Is this whole story a troll? The false dichotomy proposed between the (poorly-labelled) attributes of "talent" and "skill" is disingenuous. The comparison between acquired knowledge (what the author refers to as "skill") and inductive reasoning about a proposed new piece of functionality/infrastructure/etc (referred to by as "talent" in this bizarre example) is contrived, and somewhat arbitrary. I almost never read or discuss Slashdot stories anymore, and this s a great example of the underlying problem. Now, all you kids get off my lawn, and leave me in peace.


Best Man Rigs Newlyweds' Bed To Tweet During Sex 272

When an UK man was asked to be the best man at a friend's wedding he agreed that he would not pull any pranks before or during the ceremony. Now the groom wishes he had extended the agreement to after the blessed occasion as well. The best man snuck into the newlyweds' house while they were away on their honeymoon and placed a pressure-sensitive device under their mattress. The device now automatically tweets when the couple have sex. The updates include the length of activity and how vigorous the act was on a scale of 1-10.

Former Interplay Dev Talks "Disastrous" Old Star Trek Games 124

In a podcast recorded at PAX, a former Interplay developer named Thom Robertson talks about the problems he encountered while working on the company's Star Trek titles. In particular, he was the lead designer of the canceled Star Trek: The Secret of Vulcan Fury, and mentioned how incredibly ambitious initial plans for the game were. "Just one of the many reasons why that project was doomed to failure was because the team and the management had really no concept of exactly how expensive a proposition they were imagining when they set out to do it. I saw the plans. They were looking at four to six hours of created video, and they were planning on doing it at maybe a 1/20th of the budget of a Toy Story movie. Something did not connect." He also discussed how Interplay was "too close to Hollywood," and the problems they ran into while filming for Starfleet Academy The full podcast (MP3) is available from 1Up; Robertson's interview begins 42 minutes in.

Comment Re:Seriously, who the fuck cares? (Score 1) 465

Once you do, you'll realize how correct my original post was. C# is essentially someone running find and replace over the Java language and claiming it's "new," "radically different," and "much, much complex and serious."

Ok, first of all, I am far from a "fan boi", unless your definition of such is "someone who disagrees with binarylarry". Secondly, C# and Java are both based on C++, so it is hardly surprising that they are similar. In addition, designing a language so that it is familiar to those who use other, similar languages, is not a crime; if it is, then Java is equally guilty, as one of their original goals to speed adoption was to make the language similar enough that C++ programmers felt at home.

Comment Re:Yep, it'll be a giant world of SUCK. (Score 1) 3709

Please, stop holding back - how do you really feel?

Just because someone disagrees with you does not make them 'a disgrace to this country'. I doubt that the brainwashed old man and his religious zealot sidekick would have been a better choice for the country. I used to have respect for John McCain, but lost it all when he sold out to the extreme wing of his party. We see how well this country has done with ultra-conservative Republican leadership. Even if I don't agree 100% with Obama's policies, it was necessary to elect him, if only to shake the Republicans' tree and make them realize that this country doesn't want any more of the batshit crazy wing of their party. I am all about small government, low taxes, and personal responsibility, but that isn't what the Republican party is about anymore.

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