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Comment Re:As a TiVo owner, even I look forward to TiVo dy (Score 1) 93

Hear hear. I've been a customer of TiVo's continuously since 1999. When one of our two TiVo HD units recently broke, I didn't buy a Premiere ... I bought a used HD with Lifetime. I refuse to buy another box from TiVo until the second CPU on the Premiere is enabled ... which was promised TWO YEARS AGO and never delivered. I asked @TivoDesign on Twitter about this recently, and her reply was "Working on it". With $200M more money in the bank, maybe they can work on it a little harder now. But I'm betting they won't ... instead focusing on who to sue next. It's incredibly sad to see a once-thrilling product turn stale and old and broken, and the company turn from innovative engineering into a bunch of lawyers.

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