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Submission + - PayPal billionaire takes a shine to nuclear fusion startup (power-technology.com)

Dimetrodon writes: Through his venture capitalist firm Mithril Capital, Peter Thiel, co-founder of online payment processor PayPal has contributed more than $1 million to a $1.5 million investment in nuclear fusion start-up Helion Energy. The company, which is headed up by NASA fellow and fusion expert Dr. David Kirtley and Fusion Engine inventor Dr. John Slough, is aiming to develop smaller scale fusion reactors capable of displacing large diesel generators that are used in areas where fuel must be shipped in.

Submission + - World of Tanks developer on rebuilding lost legends (army-technology.com)

Dimetrodon writes: Wargaming’s suite of online games lets players take virtual command of history’s greatest war machines, but the company is now helping to restore historic vehicles in the real world. From the lifting of a Dornier 17 bomber from the bottom of the English Channel to the recently-announced restoration of the legendary Panzer VIII Maus tank, Wargaming is working with museums around the world to preserve historic military tech for generations to come.

Submission + - Flammable mists regularly escape oil fields, models shows (offshore-technology.com)

Dimetrodon writes: Spontaneously igniting sea fog does sound like the sort of tale locals tell in coastal village pubs to gullible tourists, but as a recently published report from the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) points out, for O&G platforms, it can sometimes be all too real. According to the study, in no fewer than 96% of the reported cases where accidental liquid releases occurred at offshore installations, flammable mists could have been formed.

Submission + - Flying trucks - where VTOL rotors meet army motors (army-technology.com)

Dimetrodon writes: Flying trucks as a solution to logistic nightmares is a project that has lit up the eyes of tech luminaries like DARPA, Piasecki and LM Skunk Works to name a few. As one impressive technology demonstrator takes its maiden flight and others take shape, how do their capabilities compare, and can they really hope to improve on heavy lift helicopters?

Submission + - British Army turns to Oculus Rift to take the sting out of battlefield trauma (army-technology.com)

Dimetrodon writes: British consultancy Plextek has just announced the world's first immersive medical training system for the military using the Oculus Rift. The virtual reality technology will be used to simulate pre-hospital care on the battlefield, requiring trainees to "negotiate and prioritise" clinical needs while under virtual fire.

Submission + - US Navy develops world's worst e-reader (naval-technology.com) 1

Dimetrodon writes: It is an unspoken rule of military procurement that any IT or communications technology will invariably be years behind what is commercially available or technically hobbled to ensure security. One case in point is the uncomfortably backronymed NeRD, or Navy e-Reader Device, an electronic book so secure the 300 titles it holds can never be updated. Ever.

Submission + - Tech firm unveils first detector for 3D printed guns - video (army-technology.com)

Dimetrodon writes: With the help of crowdfunding, a UK-based technology firm is producing the world’s first detector capable of identifying plastic 3D printed weapons.The technological breakthrough is seen as an answer to the growing threat posed by plastic firearms, which can be printed cheaply at home and slip through normal metal detectors with potentially disastrous consequences.

Submission + - The Terminator myth – why military robots aren't human-shaped (army-technology.com)

Dimetrodon writes: Military researchers have – quite literally – made great strides in developing humanoid robots that stand, walk and run on two legs like people, but it could be decades before they join soldiers on the battlefield. While manlike machines may advance technology spinoffs, for most army tasks wheeled, tracked and flying models look set to continue to prevail.

Submission + - Correct: Golden power - Bill Gates backs project to turn pee into electricity (power-technology.com)

Dimetrodon writes: Scientists in the UK, with backing from Bill Gates, are hoping to power homes in developing countries with human urine using microbial fuel cells. The concept could provide a solution to two human necessities — sanitation and energy — but is it really a viable or even practical solution for the developing world?

Submission + - 3D technology used to measure increasing body size of offshore oil & gas wor (offshore-technology.com) 1

An anonymous reader writes: Interesting article about increasing body size and weight of the offshore oil and gas industry's workforce in the UK. Apparently, a university is planning to use 3D animation technology to individually measure the size of the workforce for health, safety and ergonomics issues.

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