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Comment MDI == Sleeper Troll (Score 1) 815

His actions since adopting and trumpeting Mono, but not limited to Mono have always made me think he was some kind of sleeper troll. His stances often seemed to take antagonistically disruptive positions. That even this time his "reasons" clearly don't seem to match up with reality, reinforce what I have seen in the past. I suppose what he said could be true if he is running one of the more esoteric distributions, but really...as much as I am not a fan of Ubuntu[I am a Debian user], there is little you can't get either natively packaged or via a ppa.

He is literally the John C.Dvorak of the Linux programing world.

Comment Re:Shit Editors (Score 1) 311

Within the context of a news site basing an article around a very esoteric word, it would be good practice to include a brief definition. Especially a site that deactivates hyper links in its rss feed(the wikipedia link to skeuomorphic is only there on the direct site, not rss).

Just saying.

But yes, obviously one can google that which one does not know.


Comment Wrong topic (Score 1) 95

Interesting idea aside, its a bit like discussing Tomato crop yields when you find your pizza sauce bland. Sure, what tomatoes go into pizza sauce make a difference, but if its just shitty sauce its not really going to matter if you add some nice tomatoes to it.

If employers think embracing Gamification will fix an endemically lousy work environment...well, its probably why the work environment is so bad in the first place.


Comment Subtroll (Score 1) 778

Given the pre roll ad, the split to three pages format, and the "middlemanagement" focus of the web site I consider the article to be somewhere between circumspect and irrelevant. However, I'm not a fan of"init" either :)

Comment Re:Join removal is cool (Score 2, Interesting) 213

What you just stated sounds all well and good...but its not very informed. Or maybe just informed from 10 years ago.

In general a database is pretty much as good as its DBA. That said, your statement about Postgre being vastly superior is strictly a contextual one, and even then would be a trade-off at best case.

For the DBMS corner cases that MySQL doesn't do, there are some incredibly important things that Postgre doesn't do.

I see in the updates that Postgre is finally doing Streaming Replication? Just now? Before this, you had to rely on 3rd party "hacks".

Meanwhile, MySQL has done instant replication and failover for quite some time.

More importantly, MySQL has done Master/Master replication for years now, natively, with relative ease. I have been doing Live Hitless upgrades to sites for years now, to infrastructures built on MySQL. Sites doing 5-10k questions per/sec. on minimal hardware(relatively). No Down Time. That is huge when it comes to "stability" of a website or web application when everything is DB dependent.

Don't get me wrong, I like Postgre. I have for years. But don't go around talking the old line that MySQL is an severely incomplete DB for the ignorant. It has matured over the years into one of the most capable, feature complete, stable, and useful databases available.


Comment Re:Not an over-reaction... (Score 1) 898

Do you live in the NYC area? Were you here for Sept 11th and the ensuing days? Were you here for the weeks of the smell of burnth metal and cooking meat that wafted up downtown Manhattan? Did you spend your waking hours in the dirt and dust and the wreckage of downtown volunteering any way you could to help out in the days after?

If you did, and you can say what you say, then you must be a better person than I am.

Most days I don't even think about it anymore. Which is nice.

But that plane, that I didn't even see myself, made me flinch when I heard about it. It brought up some unexpected emotions.

So if a lot of people who work in the surrounding high rise offices near it decided it was time to get out of the building....then it was time to go...then it was the right decision.

Maybe its "just not that big a deal" to a lot of people these days...but surprisingly, its still a little raw here.


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