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Comment Let's imagine they succeed (Score 1) 219

So you take a legitimate subscriber give him the boot. Stage 1) Person looking for alternate isp Stage 2) If unsuccessful > very pissed off person that would do anything to get back into the 21st century Stage 3) Person find Bob, Bob is computer literate and wants to make some money. Stage 4) ISP wondering why they lost 50% of their subscribers and yet the load on their hardware had risen by 200% People try to go legit but can you really control the internet content you get 100% of the time? ex 1)Neighbor kid reads up on how to crack wireless networks > kid finds some Hollywood copyright porn > Neighbors get the boot > Wife kills husband > Wife Sentenced 50 years to life ex 2)A new virus is developed especially for the Italians > Virus downloads at least 3 Hollywood copyright porn titles and keeps it in a hidden directory > Virus spreads very slowly but progressively picking up speed > By 2020 half of Italy's women jailed for murder > Due to lack of females men move out of country > Italy bankrupt

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