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Comment Re:Bitcoins weakness (Score 1) 583

is that anyone can create it.

This is only half true.

While it is true that anyone can create them, the amount of bitcoins produced is a fixed value. When you mine bitcoins you are actually competing with all the other people who are mining at the time. The total amount of bitcoins that will ever be produced will end in the year 2140 and will never change after that. It's like Gold but there's no way to get more.

Comment Re:SELL!!! (Score 1) 583

True but it's very difficult for the IRS to get you unless you use a Bitcoin exchange and you do a large transaction. Bitcoins can easily be transfered in-person in a public place for cold hard cash very easily.

It also presents the possibility for extremely cheap (but risky) currency exchange. You can simply buy Bitcoins for cash by meeting a seller in person in the states and then go to Europe and do the opposite for Euros with the Bitcoins you just purchased. No bank has to be involved.

Comment Re:Blah, blah, blah (Score 2, Interesting) 231

There is a shortage.

I run a small team of four people in a small publishing company. My work is 9-5 to the dot. I don't work weekends or after hours unless the site is down in a catastrophic way and that's incredibly rare for us. I'm required to be a full stack web developer since the whole team is so small. I need to know Linux OS administration as well as engineering level PHP to maintain a number of web properties.

When I was looking for our 4th developer by far the most impressive resume came from a guy in Moscow. When I looked him up I saw he had extensive open source experience working on a major PHP framework. The fact that I couldn't just hire him like anyone from the local market was incredibly frustrating. Eventually I did find a 23 year old economics major from Northwestern that beat out 25 other resumes. This process took about four weeks. You don't need 10 years of experience. You can become a full stack PHP/JavaScript developer in under 2 years.

Being older doesn't disqualify you. Not being able to produce is what disqualifies you. No business is gonna spend months teaching you basic practices. When employees pay for training it's when you can already do something of value to the company and it's usually a weekend seminar or something to that effect.

I'd much rather pay one good developer a higher wage that can do something for me in a day rather than pay an average developer an average wage.

By the way if you want more evidence just look at how many recruiters are calling you. There is always a shortage when you get 5 phone calls a week minimum.

Saying that employers should "pound sand" because they can't find a single person in 200+ resumes is incredibly short sighted. That person might be someone who needs to lead a project that will in-turn become a profit generator for a company and in-turn require new people to be hired. And yet because of a short sighted entitlement on the part of the american worker we instead block foreigners. Yes let's make them pay taxes in another country.

By the way I make 75k and I'm 25. At one point I wanted to go into IT but I didn't see any money there. Development is where it's at. I started by writing little scripts in high school for gaming websites. Went onto start a few projects in college. And now I have 10 years experience despite being only 25.

You can easily make 120-160k in NYC doing what I do. I just happen to work in the suburbs.

Comment Internet meant to withstand nuclear war (Score 1) 94

Remember that the internet was invented for the specific military purpose of withstanding a nuclear war. Granted a politically motivated attack on the internet would probably be easier since you're actually forcing engineers to go out and pull the kill switch.

Still the best way to keep the internet running is to build out an extreme number of connections to other parts of the internet. Another thing that would force politics to stay out of the internet is to make business extremely reliant on it. One of the biggest reasons the internet in developed nations won't be turned off is because of how much of an extreme problem it would create for all of the industries that are actually in power economically. It would literally be shooting yourself in the foot.

Comment Re:Ugh, not this again. (Score 1) 357

Stop apologizing for complexity! Movies are also incredibly complex to make and you don't see movie studios forcing you to pay extra to see the last 15 minutes of a movie.

There are plenty of examples of companies that make excellent money without bullshit DLC schemes. See: Valve and Notch.

The DLC money machine will end with these companies dying from stupid marketing decisions and good riddance for that.

Comment Re:SQL too (Score 3, Insightful) 435

PHP is C-like just like Java but the path the two syntaxes take would bring them further apart than closer together.

For example in PHP you would never see something like this:
final Class d = mContext.getApplicationContext().getClassLoader().loadClass(mContext.getPackageName() + ".R$" + subClassName);

It makes me sad that Google chose Java as Android's main language considering how much of a rats nest Java really is.

It's sad that it takes 16GB of RAM just to compile a build of Android. And the funny thing is it kills the whole point of Android being "open". What person has 16GB of RAM on the off chance that they might wanna compile an Android build?

Comment Re:SQL too (Score 1) 435

PHP coder here.

No no no no!!!!

Using mysql_real_escape_string WILL NOT PROTECT YOU from SQL injections.

The function is made for escaping strings incase it contains a character that would break SQL. It's up to you to filter your inputs.

PHP does not inherently promote SQL injections. Stupid design patterns do.

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