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Journal Journal: Easy LAMP Install for CentOS/RHEL


To set up a LAMP server on a fresh VPS/Dedicated server running CentOS 5.0 with atleast 256mb of RAM. We will also be installing Webmin, a free server control panel for linux. If you are using a Debian/Ubuntu refer to this article.

Install Apache

Apache is the most popular Web HTTP server for a Linux servers.

yum install httpd httpd-devel

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Journal Journal: ZFS EXPORT IMPORT HOWTO (Migrating ZFS Storage Pools)

Migrating ZFS Storage Pools

Occasionally, you might need to move a storage pool between systems. To do so, the storage devices must be disconnected from the original system and reconnected to the destination system. This task can be accomplished by physically recabling the devices, or by using multiported devices such as the devices on a SAN. ZFS enables you to export the pool from one machine and import it on the destination system, even if the system are of different architectural end

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Journal Journal: ZFS Basics Tutorial found on Net::Thank the tubes!

zfs tutorial part 1
Learning to use ZFS, Sun's new filesystem.

ZFS is an open source filesystem used in Solaris 10, with growing support from other operating systems. This series of tutorials shows you how to use ZFS with simple hands-on examples that require a minimum of resources.

In this tutorial I hope to give you a brief overview of ZFS and show you how to manage ZFS pools, the foundation of ZFS. In subsequent parts will we look at ZFS filesystems in more depth.

Comment People still buy games, really we do.... (Score 0) 443

I work for a internet chant service and I can Bit-torrent all day log if I wanted too. I still buy video games that I like because I like to know what I'm getting. As far as DRM is concerned. I don't buy those games, nobody should. I don't' care how good the game is. DRM especially in "single player mode" is not security, it's a threat to my privacy.

EA Sucks ass; Bring Madden Football back to the PC you goat humping SOB's


Comment Windows 7 is a pile o crap (Score 0) 203

I've been using windows 7 for a few months now and it's really no better than XP. I using it mainly on a Gaming box. At first I was happy to see it was able to running many of my XP games, Half-life2, madden 08 (EA is a bunch o morons too). But just as you needed to reboot XP every so often because of memory leaks. Low and behold I need to do the same thing with Windoze7. What a crock! When will the Redmond idoits learn... Take BSD and make Microsft X. Stealing good Ideas is OK, I'll pay for them....


Comment Text Books (Score 0) 468

Text books, computer text books and howto books are the prized online titles because it's easy to cut and paste or reference them while working on your projects. Don't have that SQL syntax you need? click click.. there it is!

What? Buy a book at $39.99 to $59.99 to complete my JAVA project? No fucking way...
Need portability? Buy a thumb drive.


Comment The answer is simple (Score 0) 388

If Microsoft wants to compete with the Adobe/flash product line. It should stat in the open source community. It should support efforts of projects like Red 5. If it wants to start a new standard the open source community would be happy to provide feedback and support. SilverLight should be open to the public as a free, platform independent standard to compete with FLASH. If it played it's cards right; in 5 years Silverlight could be a legit competitor.

Yeah, I know, It will never happen.

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