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Comment Re:Yes (Score 1) 383

From what I have read, a supernova occuring within approximately 60 light years of us would be bad news. Obviously the closer it gets the worse for the Earth, but the environmental effects diminish to negligable levels after 60.

The bummer is that we wouldn't know until it hit us.

Comment Re:Cars (Score 1) 665

I pointed it out because it shows one example in law where removing identification numbers that might hide a crime is a criminal activity in and of itself. Other such examples can be found in FAA regulations, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and construction.

You forgot mattresses.

Comment Re:Please let it be!! (Score 1) 557

Yet the 1994 Rwandan genocide was a massive murder of hundreds of thousands. Sure, it made for a lot of news, yet the reaction in the Western world was hardly as vocal as was the tragedy of 9/11 or even perhaps as much as the Oklahoma bombing.

The reason that 9/11 was such a big deal to Americans is because it happened to them and not someone else.

Comment Re:Eh no. This raises no larger question (Score 1) 306

Once the rights have been granted to copy, distribute and modify the program any attempt to revoke those rights is imposing further restrictions, which as the quoted section says is forbidden.

Except that the licence is a contract from the copyright holder to the licencee. The copyright holder has the right to change the terms of the licence, or add new licences at any time. It may be possible for Oracle, as the new owner of the MySQL copyright, to revoke the GPL licence.

And who's going to stop them?

Since the FSF doesn't own the copyright, it might not be granted the right to sue Oracle for a breach of the licence. Besides who'd want to take a behemoth like Oracle on in court anyway. It would be like Lionel Hutz standing up against Burn's cadre of high priced on-retainer attorneys. At the very least it would drag on for years while Oracle systematically destroys MySQL. Even if the FSF won, there'd be nothing left.

Comment Re:You must mean the iPhone (Score 1) 695

Browsing the web with just one app is fine, unless you (want to) use Googles Chrome browser. Each tab that Chrome opens is a seperate process and would run afoul of this limitation pretty quickly.

This just looks like a money grab to me. A user will be quickly motivated to upgrade. What's the bet the initial price plus upgrade price will be more than just buying the more capable version in the first place?

Another thought. Official MS software like Office probably won't count towards the app limit. Want cheap capability? Only use official Microsoft software.

Comment Re:IT is a customer service group (Score 1) 576

You're right. IT doesn't care about a users wasted time until the user starts booking that time to an IT chargecode.

Some of the developers at one company I worked for were getting so pissed off at the amount of time that they were wasting against IT procedures that they started tracking exactly how much time each day they were losing and charged it to IT. That ended up causing quite a stir, and although the developers ended up being told to desist by management, it did get some balls rolling on improvements.

Comment Re:Anonymous Coward (Score 1) 150

You're only in it for yourself.

Well of course he is. He's not making games that he doesn't like playing. He's not giving them away because he doesn't care about the power bill and the mortgage. He's doing something that he likes doing and trying to scrape a buck or two together at the same time. Good luck to him to be doing something he loves. Why begrudge him a decent income?

With that high and mighty attitude of yours, I suspect you are in full time charity work and being paid the minimum possible, turning down gifts that could oh so help the poor children of the world?

Perhaps, if that's not the case, then whatever you're doing for a crust you're doing for yourself.

Comment Re:other potential things (Score 1) 433

Both scifi and fantasy deal with impossible things happening. The difference is scifi attempts to justify how an impossible thing could happen via some new technology. Fantasy allows impossible things to occur and makes absolutely no attempt to rationalize those happenings. So, yes, Scifi and Fantasy are related areas of fiction. Should also be mentioned that scifi tends to focus on the future and fantasy on the past.

Not so.

It's entirely possible to have a science fiction story set in the present, or even the past, that utilises the technology of the time. For instance, how about a story (or movie) that plays on the faked lunar landing conspiracy theory? Remember Capricorn One?

Where science fiction does head into the fantasy realm is when the story has conventions that can't really happen. Star Treks Warp Drive is one of these. ST could be term Science Fantasy.

Comment Re:Some shows DO have an ending (Score 2, Interesting) 178

Buffy ended well, with Sunnydale disappearing into a hole in the ground, and Buffy being released from the curse of the Slayer. I believe that everyone knew that Season 7 was the last before it began. Angel, less satisfying because it was a cliffhanger ending; "I'm gonna kill me a dragon." And I think that was canceled late in the season.

Deep Space Swine had a very B5esque ending, but it was a developed ending, not something that was sprung two episodes from the end of the season.

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