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Comment Re:Increasing "GUIfication" to blame.... (Score 1) 815

With only minor editing you get this!

  for me personally, the trend towards making the Widows 8 desktop "easier to use" has had me running away from the platform as a Desktop.... the problem is if you are going to make a GUI(and as a result make command line configuration more difficult), that GUI better damn well work. And it doesn't. So I find myself constantly trying to figure out what they changed from the previous version(that isn't working in the current version), and of course constantly changing where things are located etc. doesn't help.

If you are going to change the desktop experience in order to make it "easier to use", you damn well better get it right, or else not only do you fail to capture a new audience, you end up alienating the current user base. That seems to be what Metro has done.

For me personally I develop on a mac, and run my test and prod on Widows 8(I've tried Windows server, and ironically it seems to suffer the same problems as a server as Widows 8 does as a Desktop, they tried to make it "easier to use", but didn't get the abstraction right and the result is a mess).
I was recently put in the unfortunate position of having to develop a PHP app, and I tried doing everything on Windows 8 with Metro, and.... that was just plain frustrating. The installer tried to be "easy to use", but often failed, the system got stuck in reboot but I couldn't figure out what service was failing because I couldn't get it to not show that stupid startup animation and instead show me the boot log etc. Eventually I got the machine booted and then just ssh into it from my Mac, much less frustrating.

Bottom line: don't make Widows 8 "easier to use" by breaking a bunch of shit.

Comment Said same thing in 2006 (Score 1) 1105

Just googled the news archives for 'irreversible climate change' + 'years away'. Hmmm... 50-100, 30-60, 15, 10, 5, already here -- and all those answers are from the last 5 years.

And if I'm not mistaken, sustainable nuclear fusion is STILL 20 years away (and we've be saying that for the last 30 years at least!)

Comment Re:Rockstar is the evildoer in this situation, but (Score 5, Insightful) 633

The problem really isn't R* or EA (not that they're faultless here), it's the employees. If you LOVE games so much that you're willing to sell you soul to a studio, then who's fault is it? It's like the battered wife that LOVE the man so much that she'll keep going back no matter how badly he beats her. Is the man faultless? Absolutely NOT! But it isn't he who continues to go back for more abuse.

Hey Devs, wake up! Stop putting up with the abuse! No need for a union, just stop taking it.

Oh yeah, and if it's true that studios hire 20-somethings and expect them gone by 30, let me tell you something... your 20-something. You have you're whole life in front of you. Quit. Move. Stand up and say, "NO!" Whatever you want, you're 20-something. The night is still young!! Once you get to be 40-something, you'll understand what I'm saying here.

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