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Comment Thinking conventionally...inside the box (Score 1) 489

Draper's idea is not only somewhat selfish and very conventional, its a way of reductionist thinking that compounds the original error... Its re-hash of stupidity we are suffering from everyday as a result of having drawn dotted lines on maps where no dotted lines should be. All the challenges of the 21st Century, the Anthropocene Era, do not care about dotted lines on maps. If Draper were really smart, he would investigate business opportunities to make the lines irrelevant. I have two such opportunities for him or any other VC that cares to change America for the better - but it will take some patient capital. Tim: If you do want to make a positive impact, there are much better ways than compounding old errors, but I understand your frustration. Its time, in many ways, to get outside the box - do something positive. Let me know.

Submission + - The Tech Tycoon's Plan to Split California Into Six States Isn't Totally Worthle (

Daniel_Stuckey writes: Sure, Tim Draper's plan to slice up the Golden State is ridiculous. The wealthy venture capitalist has drafted a ballot initiative to split California into six separate states, he told Tech Crunch, with Silicon Valley emerging as the richest and most powerful of all. The mockery is already pouring in.

Of course a rich tech guru wants Silicon Valley to get its own government, so it can be freed from the dusty laws and regulations of California 1.0. Of course a deep undercurrent of self-aggrandizing narcissism runs through the proposal—only one other state-to-be gets an actual name, (inexplicably, "Jefferson") and the rest are lazily affixed with topographical descriptors: West, South, Central, and North California...

Yes, in shaping his doctrine, Draper has conjured the perfect blend of Seasteading's offshore tech nirvana lawlessness, boilerplate Tea Party antiestablishmentarianism, and good ol' secessionist chutzpah.

Comment Watson as Mayor-just analytics-more to come (Score 1) 148

Watson is just a specific (but amazing) example of the use of analytics to solve our societal and in the future (coming soon to a community near you). All analytics does is sift through the ever-increasing mountains of data our engineered and industrial society produces on a daily basis as well as data generated by instrumentation of the natural world. Humans will never be able to do that...our biology holds us back...we are not designed for such tasks (why does R. L. Gore and Associates try to limit the number of humans at each of their sites? - look it up on Let the machines sift through all the data and present anomalies and patterns to us in visual form - so we can make more informed decisions. That is really all the Intelligent Operations Center in Rio does...the Mayor and his managers make the decisions...and are held accountable for them. I am now working on a concept about better government by design - attempting to architect a solution to the mess we call local government in America. If/when implemented, it should return politicians to their rightful and original place in government - as public servants, not public exploiters. I call it Smarter Local Government...stay tuned.

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