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Comment Female stereo type what about the male! (Score 1) 404

I mean common, the video clearly shows that for every 3 female scientists theres only ONE Male scientist. I mean common, we all know the glass ceiling for male scientists exists AND they now the have to stereo type that they are all ruggedly hansom males with chiseled jaws? I mean how much more sexist can you get?

On the other hand if we do expect to live past the impending nuclear doomsday, we must bring this ratio up to a more prodigious ratio of 10 to 1. to facilitate the proper breeding rate to bring back that to the present Gross National Product within say, twenty years. And of course the females would all need to be selected on factors from youth, health, sexual fertility, intelligence, and a cross-section of necessary skills....

Just Sayin....

Comment I fail to see (Score 1) 302

I fail to see how this affects Nerds. Wheres the technology angle of this story? I mean really i can goto any news site right now and read this...
Sure Student loans affect Slashdot readers.
Acta might affect Slashdot readers.

But i don't see how this affects technology, and im not really happy with the increase in pure political news creeping in here. If its got a tech angle I dont mind it, but common! Was Gaddafi a tech visionary?


Submission + - CSS "flexible box model" holy grail of layout? (

jamienk writes: I don't know how I missed this, but a new method of layout has worked it's way into the CSS3 spec — it allows web developers to stack, columnize, and otherwise control our HTML boxes. You can easily make same-height columns, you can reverse or precisely control the order of elements, you can flex the boxes however you like. Looks complicated, but very very cool. It seems like they still have to work out a few edge cases. Firefox, Chrome, and Safari only so far. IE sucks.

Submission + - Ubisoft Always Online DRM Cracked ( 1

Stoobalou writes: Ubisoft's controversial anti-piracy measures have been bypassed allowing games to run without an internet connection.
The French software company came under fire recently when it announced that a new DRM scheme would require players to have a permanent connection to the Internet in order to play the popular Renaissance rooftop-rambling stab-em-up.


Submission + - Blagojevich Lawyers Fail at PDF Redaction (

An anonymous reader writes: According to the file properties, the filing was created by Blagojevich attorney Aaron Goldstein using Nitro PDF's free PrimoPDF creator.

Rich Miller, longtime freelance reporter and columnist on Illinois politics, reported this on his Capitol Fax Blog:

"" Rod Blagojevich's attorneys filed a motion today to subpoena President Obama to testify at the former governor's trial... The motion is here. ( ) Several parts are redacted, but you can easily copy and paste the entire motion into a text file and view all the redacted material. Oops on somebody's part. All of the most explosive allegations in the motion were redacted. ""


Submission + - C Langauge Inventor to take a test in C (

sridharo writes: Apparently, Ken Thomson the Co-Inventor of C & UNIX is not allowed to check-in code at Google as he hasn't taken the 'mandatory' language test. One more tale added to the tales at Google Interview Room (

Submission + - SPAM: When Windows can mean life or death

Doogie Howser writes: Win 7 updates are by default stealth updates, i.e. they download and apply themselves without asking, sometimes rebooting the PC. In some cases even when you say no the PC will reboot itself and even XP users will have experienced the slowing down of their computers when an update wants to be installed or rebooted to take effect.

In this case a doctor was using his home PC to remote-connect to his clinic at 4:15am to discuss a roadside accident scan with a surgeon. He selected "no" to the reboot message that popped up and Win 7 promptly rebooted, corrupting his medical software, and causing him to lose 15 critical minutes. The doctor now wants a non-Windows box to conduct future critical business.

Link to Original Source

Submission + - Vermont Senate to Vote on Nuclear Power (

mdsolar writes: The Vermont Senate plans to vote this week on the future of the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant. The plant has a 20 year relicensing application before the NRC but has suffered many recent accidents with only crooning support from the federal regulator. The Vermont Senate vote is expected to close the plant down. Given the NRC's rubber stamping of relicensing applications for power plants, one of which recently turned up another tritium leak in nuclear proponent Senator Graham's home state shouldn't states and localities have more say generally in relicensing decisions as in Vermont?



Submission + - NASA's latest eye candy (

adewstow writes: As NASA begins to bring the Space Shuttle program to a conclusion, the next bold initiative for space exploration will be the Constellation Program. NASA's Constellation program will directly inherit the legacies of both Apollo and the Space Shuttle.

Using parts and concepts of these earlier programs, NASA will build more dependable and economical craft that will serve as America's access to The International Space Station which will be our means of returning to the Moon, and visiting other worlds for the first time.

NASA needed a way to communicate information about the Constellation program to a young audience. NASA decided to do with this a series of HD videos movies, and needed a web site to communicate information about the Constellation program and showcase these awesome videos.

Comment Distance and cable type (Score 1) 837

It comes down to distance and the cable type you are running.

First, I never put a crimp connector on a solid core wire. Two things will happen either the crimp will miss the wire or cut the wire. Either way results in a bad connection esp where there is the possibility of vibration or motion. Solid core cable should be terminated to a punchdown, and network jack. Use proper patch cables from there.
Second If you do want to make a patch cable, use stranded cabling. When you crimp a stranded cable the tines go threw the strands and make contact with many wires. Its much more vibration and motion resistant. Also if a cable run is > 15ft, drop a network jack. Stranded cabling has higher resistance.

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