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Comment Travel History (Score 1) 258

People here in Dallas often forget we are a International Hub. We also have many foreign nationals. The entire incident is called "being caught off guard" and I'm hoping people can learn from this mishap, otherwise life is going to be weird for a while, at least if you work in medical.

Comment This isn't impossible... (Score 1) 103

Attacks against targets that are considered basic infrastructure for life, government or defense with damages that severely cripple those sites and cause harm to American citizens.

Shutting off power, blanking out emergency services, crashing planes, etc.

NOT downloading a MP3 or looking at porn or reading a johnny rocket how-to for do-it-yourself nuclear reactors. I am still on the fence about economic stuff since that does affect everyone, however it's all fixable. It's hard to goto war over damages to your economic system the entire American payment card industry is completely off it's rocker and ineffective.

Comment PCA Pumps? (Score 2) 57


Have you explored changing the dosages on drug pumps? Either through exploiting the device directly or by exploiting the database backend? I reference the Hospira pumps that run Linux, allowing one to telnet to them as root with no password authentication. Hospira did issue an update to that but since pumps are so numerous, I'm sure that many hospitals have been slow to update.


Comment Morrell is not "Obama's" (Score 3, Interesting) 330

Mike Morrell is a former career CIA guy. He was responsible for the daily president briefings and I believe he was the one to inform President Bush of 9/11. Very experienced and definitely spooky. His secrets have secrets! He would probably be a very awesome guy to meet. Definitely not Obama's unless you hold presidential turnover against him.

Comment Re:wow (Score 5, Interesting) 367

Yeah. And to think that they can't secure their own networks, hence that Snowden got this out.

Sometimes I wonder if the NSA planted some or all of this stuff to impress the hell out of the world and strike fear into the hearts of the Opposition. I mean, this is straight out of a Sci-Fi plot: Homer Simpsonvich brings one infected iPod into his FSB headquarters, and soon the whole goddamned place is full of programs that are listening in on anything in sight, autonomously making cuts to exfiltrate back to Ft. Meade, copying anything that looks interesting, and surviving whatever the Opponents do to the host machines.

Securing a network is always harder than attacking a network and you can never fully understand a person's intentions when you grant them access. I'm sure a small part of what they publish is a psyop of some kind but for the most part, yes, sci-fi is reality. We are not the only ones doing it and we may not even be the best.

When you start to consider everyone who is "operating" on the Internet, things get really scary, really quick. The new cold war will be one of constant paranoia of an attack that can influence a piece of critical infrastructure. There have been small rumored instances but until the Hiroshima of the online world happens, it will be a constant game of shadows and you never, ever, fully know or understand an operator's capabilities.

Sci-fi, indeed.

Comment Re:Japanese Subs (Score 5, Informative) 78

There was a good story told at the National Air & Space Museum about that plane. One of the Japanese pilots came to the museum and looked the plane over. He was asked about the "optional" floats that would allow the plane to land. The researchers of the plane did not understand where the floats would be stored on the submarine, as the submarine was pretty small and packed very tightly. The pilot replied that they never took floats and that the plane was never supposed to ever come back.

Pretty sobering. I believe the example that's in the National museum was recovered from a factory just after the war.

Comment Re:Listen to what his friends say about him... (Score 5, Informative) 680

Wow... I haven' logged into /. in years.

Sean was a very patient man. You have to be patient to play Eve, especially to play the meta-game of diplomacy. He built a great legacy for in-game diplomacy and it's no stretch to say that he's responsible for alot of the way things are aligned politically in the game. He loved the diplomacy game in Eve because it was a sandbox that oftentimes mirrors real life. He loved people and he was often the voice of reason, not just for game matters, but for lots of real life things.

Sean made every attempt to be the best person he could be and that rubbed off on alot of us. If I was having a bad day and I needed to vent, he would be there and he would have sane advice. I was really sad when he left the Montreal duty station to move to the Hague, because that meant a timezone difference that's hard to deal with. He managed to keep up with everyone though. He cared about his friends and there aren't many goons that would refuse his advice or insight.

He wasn't just a IT guy in the FSIMS. He once told me that you can do many things outside of your job description when working for State. He always said that if you were motivated and eager to learn, you could go far there and have a very challenging and worthy career. Naturally, there were lots of things that he couldn't tell us but to say that he was simply a IMS guy is not completely accurate. He lived for it and I have no doubt in my mind that there was not any occasion that he would not rise to.

I cannot even begin to tell you how hard this has been on all of us. When you talk to someone everyday and share the little things of your day to day life and you share your trials and tribulations and successes, you really miss that person when they are gone. It's surreal, even the possibility of him dying was sort of a standing joke, like it would never happen to him. I guess you think that way about anyone that's deployed in a government or military post because if you stop to dwell on the risks, you break down.

There's not enough thanks in the world for the guys that work for state or the guys in our military. It's easy to be dispassionate until you know someone that is lost or know someone that has lost. Eve not only lost a great player but a great friend.

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