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Comment Re:I wonder if they told the police... (Score 1) 434

Well you should know it's not automatically forwarding kids to the 911 line if you read it. I think it was clear it had nothing to do with 911 except being an analogous source of help, and that there is nothing automatic about it. It doesn't seem at all helpful to me, but kids already have the ability to contact 911 any time they want, so I don't see where it's a big deal.

Comment Re:What's Dumb is Ignorance (Score 1) 434

Well, in the article we see that what they actually say the button would do is : ""The panic button may take you into a site and it will say 'do you need advice?', 'do you need to contact police?', and then there's almost like a choice of what you do," McMenamin said." Not quite the same as calling 911.

Comment Re:I wonder if they told the police... (Score 1) 434

Or we could read the article, about the system which is only being imagined at this point, and works like this, in a vague sort of way: ""The panic button may take you into a site and it will say 'do you need advice?', 'do you need to contact police?', and then there's almost like a choice of what you do," McMenamin said."
The Internet

Australian Govt. Proposes Internet "Panic Button" For Kids 434

CuteSteveJobs writes "Children who feel they are being bullied, harassed or groomed online could call for help instantly using a 'panic button' on their PCs under a plan by the Australian Government's cyber-safety working group. The button shall look like a 'friendly dolphin,' who will connect the child victim instantly to police or child protection groups. Australian Internet Censorship Advocate Hetty 'Save the Children' Johnson says the Internet needs something like 000 or 911. Will this be another scheme wasting taxpayer dollars in lieu of parental supervison, or could it actually work? Are 1 in 4 children really sexually abused by the Internet? Can flaming and trolling be classified as bullying?"

Comment Re:So much raw data (Score 1) 309

The military didn't want to go to war. No generals or commanders thought this was a good idea. Their duty to serve overrides the instinct to do what's right. Yes, military leadership are political animals, but they volunteered to serve and by that virtue, the armed forces filters out most of the truly bad people.

I'm not sure about what your whole point is, but this seems like a rather odd comment. Why would you assume that no generals or commanders wanted to go to war? What evidence do you have for such a bold statement? And what in the world would lead you to think that voluntary service somehow weeds out "bad people."? It seems entirely possible that a "bad person", whatever that is, would be glad to sign up to get to shoot people, doesn't it?

Comment Re:So much raw data (Score 2, Insightful) 309

It's like this was crafted to be the most ludicrous example of a conspiracy theory ever. The whole thing was because someone wanted the U.S. to have the tallest building in the world??? Using Jesse Ventura as expert testimony?? I'm presuming this was all meant as an ironic example of conspiracy thinking. There's conspiracy theories out there can make you stop and go hmm, it makes good sense. Then there's this one. I can just see Cheney rubbing his hands, an evil glint in his eye. "Which country will have the tallest building now?! Mwa ha ha ha."

Submission + - Best Handset of Freedom?

Father Thomas Dowd writes: "The images we are seeing of Iran are being captured on cell phones, the text is being twittered over SMS. Still, the government has some control the networks, and we are all familiar with fears of wiretap etc. technologies to spy on users. If cell phone is the new tool of freedom, what would the best "freedom handset" contain? I'm thinking a device with an open OS, where each phone could be itself a router for encrypted messages passed through Bluetooth/WiFi/whatever, thereby totally bypassing physical infrastructures when necessary. Of course, some sort of plausible deniability encryption a la Truecrypt would also be good, in case the secret police catch you with your phone. What else might we need?"
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - Open sourced FPS game, Alien Arena 2009 released. (

Alienkillerrace writes: The open sourced freeware FPS game, Alien Arena 2009, has been released(Windows and Linux). The improvements to the game engine are very signifigant, and have surely raised the bar for free games of this genre. All surfaces in the game now are rendered using GLSL, not only improving the visual quality, but the performance has been sped up as well. Interesting new effects like post process distortions using GLSL have been implemented, as well as light volumes, better per-pixel lighting reminiscent of UT3, and shaded water. Just as notable, is that the sound system has been completely rewritten using OpenAL, allowing for effects such as Doppler, and Ogg-Vorbis support. The game is free to play, has a stats system, as well as a built in IRC client in it's front-end game browser.

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