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Comment Re:BooHoo (Score 1) 789

You can port numbers to prepaid phones. Just buy a crappy prepaid phone for 15 bucks and port the number to it, then port it back. It couldn't be easier. 1 buy prepaid phone 2 port number to prepaid phone 3 pay to cancel att contract 4 buy new iphone at full price 5 sign back up with att ( they might charge a deposit since you cancelled before ) 6 port number back to att 7 show off your shiny new iphone to all your friends at the next poetry reading 8 bonus - tweet everyone about how clever you were to save $20

Comment Re:Use the line to pull other lines into your outl (Score 1) 635

My grandmother had one of these phones. It was a rotary phone hard wired to the phone line in the house. Just a couple years ago she had the phone company come out and install a second bell in the phone to make it ring louder. I couldn't believe that they actually still had mechanical ringers to install into rotary telephones from the 50s. It worked quite well too, you could hear the phone ring almost a block away.

Submission + - SPAM: Open Source textbooks for California

T-1000 writes: The governor of California has launched a new initiative to compile open source textbooks for the state. He hopes that the plan will help cut costs and improve the quality of education. The effort seems very promising, but the state's complex standards and arduous textbook evaluation process will pose major challenges.
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