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Journal Journal: OpenMosix Cluster, part 2

Well, I have added significantly to the cluster webpage. There are some pictures of the cluster and a bit more information on what I am doing.

The other day I was sent a response to my request for things to run on the cluster. This is a project with programs to calculate pi to however many digits you want. I have started the OpenMosix version and told it to calculate to 1 trillion digits, which will probably take a few days.

Keep checking the website, I do add stuff from time to time. Next up are some screenshots from the master node. By the way, my SETI@home account for the cluster has completed 118 units, with 3592 CPU hours contributed over a real time of 849 hours.


Journal Journal: OpenMosix Cluster

Since school started this year, I've been working on an OpenMosix cluster as an independent study project. Having set up 8 nodes, I am almost out of workspace and will probably stop at the current level. I have something like 1200 Megs of RAM total, and the collective processing power of 8 Pentium and Pentium II processors. As soon as I can get a connection to the network I will begin running seti@home and other distributed projects, comparing the performance to that of, say, my home computer. (I may have to drill a hole in the wall to get network access.)

There is a log and information page available at this site which covers what I've been doing.

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