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Submission + - Cloud starting to look like big data center (itworld.com)

DillyTonto writes: According to a story on ITWorld, the cloud computing market as a whole is starting to look like one big data center. Diagram it and you have OSI layers, hardware, software, middleware, storage, desktop management — the whole schmear, but spread out across the whole Internet.
Two problems: You can get your whole data center from the cloud, but having different elements provided by different companies, separated by hundreds of miles, makes coordination harder. Second: There are so many new players, underfunded players and big companies wanting to rope customers in for more than one service at a time that the whole industry is ripe for consolidation.
So what happens if you hire 15 companies for SAAS, DAAS, Paas, etc, build a lot of data-center capabilities in the cloud hoping standards will catch up so you can migrate workloads or SAAS data from one cloud to another, then watch those companies all get bought up by bigger companies with no incentive to get their systems talking to someone else's and are too big to take your complaints seriously?

The Internet

"Anonymous" Takes Scientology Protest to the Streets 740

This past Sunday members of the group "Anonymous" that has been running an attack on the church of Scientology took their battle from the tubes of the internet to the pavement of real life, staging a protest outside the central Phoenix Church of Scientology. "The protesters said they gathered Sunday in lieu of the birthday of Lisa McPherson, a Scientologist once cared for by church staffers. Her 1995 death sparked media attention and a civil wrongful death suit against a branch of the Church of Scientology. A wrongful death suit by her family was a public-relations nightmare for the church for years until it was settled in 2004. The Church of Scientology declined to comment on the Phoenix protests. It did provide a news release calling members of Anonymous cyber-terrorists."

The Grammy In Mathematics 150

An anonymous reader writes "A mathematician will receive a Grammy award for restoring the only known recording of a live Woody Guthrie performance — a bootleg someone made in 1949 using a wire recorder. Guthrie's daughter, who had never heard her father perform in front of a live audience, oversaw the restoration. The article links very cool before and after clips."

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