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Comment Re:The law of the deal (Score 1) 441

The problem with this is that all of this done nowadays through CAFTA, NAFTA, and WTO. Just like the ACTA treaty. Most of the decisions made within these organizations completely bypasses every nation's legislative process. The people of any nation are completely excluded from this decision making process. That's the whole point. Free Trade organizations and the treaties and agreements they make, IMHO, should be completely null and void.. b/c it is simply the corporate and corporatist aristocrats making decisions that affect their home countries. There's no consequences for these people if it goes wrong or bad for the nation. Hell, most of the people making these agreements were not voted on or put in power by any voting populace in any nation. Furthermore the levels of transparency when most of these agreements are formed is a fucking joke. ACTA is a prime modern example, every nation..US, Japan, EU member states.. they all evoke "national security" or some such excuse to keep the entire thing from public debate. The entire globe has to live with the consequences of rules and decisions we have ZERO control over. It's bullshit. This is not the free market, this is the global ruling of the elite.

Comment Re:Windows as the standard? (Score 3, Interesting) 267

Windows might not be Open Source and MS business practices may be something to be desired, but they are an open platform. And when you look at the platforms that were around when Windows came to light, there really wasn't much that was that successful where just anyone could develop for it. Even today, companies like Apple, Nintendo, Amazon, Sony, (the list is rather lengthy) want to sell you a solid product. They want everything to be an appliance to you, like a dvd player or your tv.. where you don't notice, nor care about the software on it. An article a while back was describing why Windows Mobile and Android will, in the long run, destroy Apple in the phone market, and in the end, it will be because of the availability of applications for them. Apple and Nintendo and Amazon and so forth, want to be the gatekeepers of software and content, and frankly.. looking at the success of MS on the desktop, that approach doesn't seem to be a successful one. Video game systems will be the last bastion of this mentality though, i can promise you that.
Security Warns of Active Worm Hacking Blogs 103

Erik writes "Wordpress, the popular open-source Content Management System (CMS) for many thousands of bloggers worldwide, is under attack from a 'clever' worm that automatically compromises unpatched versions of the Wordpress system. The particularly nasty bug crawls the web for vulnerable Wordpress installations, installing malware, deleting content, and generally wreaking havoc wherever it can. Today, Wordpress founder Matt Mullenweg eloquently implored Wordpress bloggers to update more frequently. Originally, updating the Wordpress system was a rather laborious process; however, newer versions offer fast and simple one-click upgrades. The two most recent versions of Wordpress (2.8.3 and 2.8.4) cannot be attacked by the worm discovered this week, and blogs hosted at are also apparently immune."

Comment Re:And the UNIX philosophy is... (Score 4, Informative) 318

what the fuck does OS X have to do with any of this? This was a conversation about browsers, i'm sure uzbl can run on OS X just as well as on Linux. Jesus you Mac tards are fucking assholes who just jump at the fucking chance to jam your feng shui tonka toys down peoples throats whenever you're not sipping on a fucking latte.

Comment Re:"The Unix Philosophy" (Score 4, Insightful) 318

it has been my experience that everything regarding steep learning curves in *nix, ends up revealing benefits those who never try will never know of. Try explaining to the average windows user how vim is better than notepad vs watching someone learn vim and having their face light up everytime they figure out they can do something very quickly that's impossible in a standard text editor
The Internet

Submission + - Meet UZBL: A web browser with the Unix Philosophy (

DigDuality writes: Dieter@be over at Arch Linux forums and a release engineer for Arch Linux got inspired by this post. The idea? To create a browser based on the Unix Philosophy: "Write programs that do one thing and do it well, programs that work well together, programs to handle text streams because that is a universal interface", among other points. The result? A low resource fast browser named Uzbl, based off WebKit and passes the Acid3 Test with a perfect score. The browser is controlled (by default) by vim-like keybindings, not too dissimilar from vimperator for Firefox. Things like url changing, loading/saving of bookmarks, saving history, downloads, are handled through external scripts that you write (though the uzbl software does come with some nice scripts for you to use). It fits great in a tiling window manager and plays extremely well with dmenu. The learning curve is a bit steep, but once you get use it to, it's smooth sailing. Not bad for alpha software. Thought built for Arch it has been reporting to work on Ubuntu.

Comment Re:Personally, I couldn't care less. (Score 5, Insightful) 408

i'm not so much concerned about what money who makes from what as I am as extensions, without ample notification, acting as malware against other software/extensions i have installed in order to make a buck. I moved to linux long ago b/c i was tired of having to run scans once a week. I switch to FF b/c i prefered a more secure browser (made even more secure by extensions). Now basically, this guy, has managed to get malware in both firefox and linux. Seriously, total douchebag move.

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