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Comment Re:Solution looking for problem (Score 1) 671

Who said anything about all your JPEG files being in the same directory? Maybe you only have a dozen of them in your whole volume, but if you don't know what folders they are in, you might have to search through 50,000 folders and 10 million other files to find them. Even if you originally knew where you created them, some person or application can move them or rename any folder in its path. Also who said anything about the system doing all the 'organizing' for you? You are still the one who puts on any tags that you want or makes each object a member of whatever groups you want. My system simply gives you better tools for doing that rather than forcing you to put a file in some folder somewhere as a means of classification.

Comment Re:hierarchical filesystems (Score 1) 671

File systems were designed long before 'big data' was around. When I bought my first 10 MEGAbyte hard drive back in 1985, it would only hold a couple hundred small files (by today's standards) before it was full. Today you can get more than 10 million files in your volume before it is full. Try finding all your .JPG files when you have to search through that many. It takes forever. That is why I am building a 'file system replacement' that changes the whole hierarchical model and large metadata records that make finding things slow. I can put the equivalent of 200 million files in it and find sets of files (e.g. all my documents) in just a couple of seconds (without needing to spend hours 'indexing' all the metadata into a separate database).

Comment Re:Karma's a bitch (Score 1) 285

It's always fun when lawmakers are caught in their own trap. When their own privacy is violated by the surveillance programs they authorize...when they are caught violating some silly law they passed...when they have to personally pay some outrageous tax they imposed on the rest of just feels good. Now if we can just get Congress to have to get the same kind of retirement plan and health insurance the rest of us get....sigh...that would be a bridge too far.

Comment Re:Oh great (Score 2) 162

Competing with hard drives is more than just matching their capacity. You have to come close to their $/TB too. The speed of SSDs make it attractive to replace HDDs for some data sets (boot drive, frequently accessed data, etc.). But if you are storing off-line data that is only accessed once a year, then even 2x the price is way too much. Flash has come down a lot, but it is still something like 8x the price of HDD space. Get back to us when a 1 TB SSD can be bought for $50.

Comment Consequences (Score 1) 213

Until we start treating hackers who maliciously destroy people's lives like we do kidnappers or people who throw rocks through your window, this kind of thing is going to keep getting worse. People treat hacking like a hobby where you can cause thousands or millions of dollars in damage with almost no chance of getting caught and with lackluster penalties if you do.

Comment Re:Minority definition (Score 1) 241

Then why don't more of Apple's white male employees (and Facebook's and Twitter's and ...) simply self identify as black, women, hispanic, and other minorities? Problem instantly solved, right? The company could kick in a little bonus to incentivize them to do so and make their 'diversity numbers' look really good without having to hire anybody new.

Comment Minority definition (Score 0) 241

How much does someone have to be 'non-white' before they are classified as a minority? Obama is half white and half black but he is always considered to be black. There are people who consider themselves 'black' because just one of their great-great-grandparents was black (1/16). I think Elizabeth Warren tried to claim she was Native American because she had something like 1/32 (which turned out be completely unsubstantiated as well). I once had HR question my 'white' heritage when I was hired to make sure I didn't have some kind of minority blood in me so they could claim it. Is there some kind of standard that must be met or can it be like sexual preference where you can just 'self-identify'?

Comment Job security (Score 3, Informative) 241

I wonder if any black or woman programmer has ever been fired for incompetence, insubordination, or for refusing to do their work at Facebook or Apple? Is the company too afraid to get rid of bad programmers if doing so might hurt their 'diversity' numbers? Years ago, I worked with a woman who wanted to be let go so that she could collect unemployment or get a severance package. She did everything she could think of to get the company to get rid of her. Nothing worked so she finally left voluntarily.

Comment It won't be long.... (Score 1) 163

...until just about any OS won't boot unless it is only running approved software (i.e. the software company has paid a big fat fee) or the user has turned off any features (telemetry, spyware by the OS vendor, ad blockers, etc.) that the manufacturer wants to force you to use. It'll be like those DVDs you BUY but won't let you skip over the ads at the front of the movie.

Comment Internet clouds are like real clouds (Score 1) 465

They change shape all the time (e.g. 15 GB free storage becomes 5 GB overnight). They drift around depending upon which way the wind is blowing (company gets bought out by other company that has an entirely different mission). They disappear in the hot sun sometimes (bankruptcy, business focus changes, boredom). And in the case of this story...they can rain on your parade (all your data belong to us).

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