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Comment Universal car? (Score 1) 383

For the same reason we don't have a single 'car standard' where every car sold has the exact same feature set. Same size engine, same tire size, same number of passengers, same radio, same transmission, etc... People actually want different cars. Some want a pickup to haul or tow things. Some want a little sports car that one carries two people. Others want a mini-van to haul their 5 kids or the soccer team around. Yes, some things would be easier if every car had the same parts and features, but most people don't want that situation. Same with your computer hardware and operating system. People want different things.

Comment Status Quo (Score 1) 474

When too much money is invested in the status quo, you are much more like to see a slightly improved status quo next year rather than something completely different. Look at the resistance to changing our health care, our education system, our infrastructure, our.... Only when some newcomer finds a new way to do something and starts cleaning their the entrenched players try to switch gears.

Comment Do payments work? (Score 1) 86

What guarantees does anyone paying a ransom get that they will be able to unlock their data? If you are dealing with ransomware, you are dealing with crooks who don't have any morals whatsoever. Once they get payment, why wouldn't they just let you twist in the wind? Many kidnappings are the same. You pay the ransom and you still get a dead or missing relative.

Comment How to weed out your best programmers... (Score 1) 229

I once worked for a startup and I was very productive. I build two new products from a remote location for the company that resulted in tens of $Millions in new sales. I would work all day from a quiet place all by myself (no meetings, interruptions, etc.). A few years later, the company changed management and they wanted to 'cut the fat' from development. I happened to be working part-time at the time (recovering from burn-out) but was still very productive. It didn't matter at all to those bean counters that they were getting multiple dollars in value from me for every dollar they paid me, and they let me go. Luckily, I had founders stock and made out pretty well when the company sold. Otherwise, I would have been very ticked. I'm sure they used some meaningless statistic to justify getting rid of some really good programmers.

Comment In other words...we don't make money from it (Score 1) 168

The service might be popular, but if the hosting company is not making money from it somehow, they see no reason to keep it going. If they even tried to sell subscriptions or advertising, no one wanted to subscribe or not block the ads. Everything free eventually goes away.

Comment Suggestion box (Score 1) 225

If such a site existed, I wonder if it would be any better than that 'suggestion box' we often see at companies or businesses. You often wonder if anybody actually reads the suggestions, let alone gives them any weight. You could certainly pay someone to build a custom tool for you, but that can often cost many $ thousands. Perhaps a better idea would be to create a website where people can post stuff like 'I need a solution to problem X. I am willing to pay $10 (or $20, $50,...) for it'. Then others can see your post and add 'I have that same problem and I would contribute too'. If enough people have the problem and the amounts add up to enough to tackle it, someone would probably spend the time and effort to do it. It would kind of be like a 'reverse kickstarter' site.

Comment Re:4 cores, yet again (Score 1) 240

I recently upgraded my 5 year old 3770K (quad core) desktop to a new 6800K (hex core). I am working on a data management system that can utilize as many cores as are available. It not only can do more things at once (e.g. multiple separate queries) with more cores, but it can also break up a single query so that parts of it can run in parallel on separate cores. By doing this, a single large query can often complete faster on 6 cores than it can on 4 cores. Even though each core on the 6800K had a lower clock speed than the 3770K, I was still able to perform queries about 50% faster because of the 50% more cores. I assume that improvements in each core itself over the past 5 years just about made up the difference in lower clock speed.

Comment It could be.... (Score 2) 449

The computing environment certainly has changed. The powers that be are busily taking a lot of the fun out of it in their efforts to create 'walled gardens' where THEY (not YOU) control everything. While I am glad that I don't have to get out a soldering iron just to save a few bytes to permanent storage; I get enraged every time some program or system tries to hide my data from me or make it nearly impossible to do what I want with it. I get ticked off when all your settings change because your system decided it was going to 'upgrade' whether you wanted to or not and the company that wrote the software wants to make you view some new ads. I pull my hair out when I can't even find where my app decided to store that file I just created. I certainly miss the days when the 'install program' was copy *.* and the 'uninstall program' was del *.* and you didn't have to worry about a dozen registry settings or DLLs left behind to play havoc on your system. I am currently working on a new system that will bring a lot of that control back where it belongs...with the user.

Comment Lots of typos (Score 5, Funny) 274

Apparently, there were thousands of typos in the emails themselves. All those racial slurs. All those admissions of collusion with the press and super PACS. All those derogatory things the Clinton campaign was saying about Obama. All the campaign's dirty tricks. All the gaffes in Hillary's paid speeches....They were just all TYPOS!

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