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Comment Re:bad patents (Score 1) 109

I am so glad we have millions of inventors out there who are willing to risk a lot of capital and personal effort into turning a novel idea into a real product and then try to introduce it into a market where Microsoft, Apple, IBM, or any other big player out there is free to take your idea; copy it; and crush you. So, let's abolish all patents and then be really surprised when nobody bothers to invent something new. It will leave us with a good, warm feeling because we will never know what we are missing.

Comment Re:now imagine (Score 0) 539

This is nothing. There is another institution that transfers money without paying taxes. It is called the family. The net worth of families in this country is staggering yet everyday parents give their kids allowances and spending money without giving the government a cut of that 'transaction'. Just yesterday, a working husband gave his stay-at-home wife a $100 from his already taxed wages without paying another 10%, 15%, or x% in gift taxes. Something must be done!!!

Comment Re:Could not recall briefings because of concusion (Score 5, Insightful) 409

The problem with the 'convenience' argument is that it just doesn't hold water. Maybe if she had just set up a gmail account and used it, then convenience might sound plausible. Instead, she went to a lot of trouble to set up a private server and make sure everything flowed through it. If she is going to own up to anything close to the truth, it would be to admit is was about control. Control over what information got out to the public. Control over what information was given out when a subpoena or FOIA request came in.

Comment Diversity (Score 1) 305

Cities or states that depend heavily on a single industry tend to be susceptible to boom and bust cycles. If 80% of the local economy is in oil and oil prices take a dive then the whole area suffers a lot. Same thing can happen in Silicon Valley. If 90% of the area is software related, then if a tech bubble bursts it can send everything into the toilet. Sounds like they want to put a damper on the biggest section of their industry so that other kinds of companies will get all the new growth for awhile.

Comment A peek over the wall (Score 1) 40

The problem is that applications want to control your data within its own 'walled garden' so that you have to go through their app to access the data. Tags and other metadata the program creates are only visible if you call their API and they decide to give you access. This application looks like something that codes to the APIs of a small number of apps to peek inside their gardens. If you are satisfied that a search will find SOME of your data, then this will work well for you.

Comment Re:"topic of discussion for many across the world" (Score 0) 116

Since when is CNN left?

Since forever. It might not be as far left as MSNBC, but it is left just like ABC, NBC, and CBS. Attracting money by mimicking FOX News might be a temptation, but it goes against the DNA of the writers, editors, and anchors. It's like Hollywood where all the biggest blockbuster films are PG and PG-13 rated and cater to family audiences; yet all the producers keep spitting out films that have very restrictive ratings (R, NC-17, etc.) because that's the kind of films they like and somehow wish that everybody else did.

Comment Re:Solution looking for problem (Score 1) 674

Who said anything about all your JPEG files being in the same directory? Maybe you only have a dozen of them in your whole volume, but if you don't know what folders they are in, you might have to search through 50,000 folders and 10 million other files to find them. Even if you originally knew where you created them, some person or application can move them or rename any folder in its path. Also who said anything about the system doing all the 'organizing' for you? You are still the one who puts on any tags that you want or makes each object a member of whatever groups you want. My system simply gives you better tools for doing that rather than forcing you to put a file in some folder somewhere as a means of classification.

Comment Re:hierarchical filesystems (Score 1) 674

File systems were designed long before 'big data' was around. When I bought my first 10 MEGAbyte hard drive back in 1985, it would only hold a couple hundred small files (by today's standards) before it was full. Today you can get more than 10 million files in your volume before it is full. Try finding all your .JPG files when you have to search through that many. It takes forever. That is why I am building a 'file system replacement' that changes the whole hierarchical model and large metadata records that make finding things slow. I can put the equivalent of 200 million files in it and find sets of files (e.g. all my documents) in just a couple of seconds (without needing to spend hours 'indexing' all the metadata into a separate database).

Comment Re:Karma's a bitch (Score 1) 285

It's always fun when lawmakers are caught in their own trap. When their own privacy is violated by the surveillance programs they authorize...when they are caught violating some silly law they passed...when they have to personally pay some outrageous tax they imposed on the rest of us...it just feels good. Now if we can just get Congress to have to get the same kind of retirement plan and health insurance the rest of us get....sigh...that would be a bridge too far.

Comment Re:Oh great (Score 2) 162

Competing with hard drives is more than just matching their capacity. You have to come close to their $/TB too. The speed of SSDs make it attractive to replace HDDs for some data sets (boot drive, frequently accessed data, etc.). But if you are storing off-line data that is only accessed once a year, then even 2x the price is way too much. Flash has come down a lot, but it is still something like 8x the price of HDD space. Get back to us when a 1 TB SSD can be bought for $50.

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