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Comment "Orderly Collapse" of Motorola (Score 1) 353

Headline: Motorola Bankruptcy Triggers Increased Unemployment in China and Mexico; U.S. Employment Statistics Barely Affected. Motorola is still suffering from Chris Galvan's philosophy of "The employee is the enemy." Motorola might as well have hired Catbert as its corporate H.R. Director. Ed Zander at least attempted to reduce the "warring tribes" mentality within the company, but to little avail. I was laid-off during Zander's tenure, so I don't know as much about Greg Brown, et. al., but I doubt that very much has changed in the last few years. One would think that if the employee is the enemy, Motorola would have very few enemies left in this world, but if ex-employees are the enemy, Motorola's in BIG trouble!

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