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Comment Re:Embeded Systems Market (Score 1) 31

Hi. You are correct, this is primarily intended for the embedded market, enabling us to offer easier configuration of SBCs. However there is a defnite possibility of this being applicable to other markets, including notebooks or desktops, for applications yet to be conceived or widespread. FeaturePak was invented as a way to provide instant configuration of embedded systems with customer-specific features, so that one generic baseboard can be built instead of several fixed configuation ones, reducing the number of items that need to be stocked and providing better service to customers. This concept is well understood by embedded computing users such as you. We just made the board smaller and lower cost and did our best to make the right decision in each area of concern to customers. We do not intend to collect royalties on this format. It's an open standard, and as of today anyone who wants to can develop FeaturePak products for free. The only limitation is on the use of the name and logo which must be referenced to FeaturePak compliant products in order to avoid confusion in the market. This is standard trademark law with which we are all familiar. Thank you for using Diamond Systems products!

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