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Comment A Dying Medium Becomes Attack Vector??? (Score 1) 175

Seriously - this is about as big news as saying Windows XP is going to be an increasing attack vector. Printers are a generally *dying* medium. The company where I work (a health insurance company) has put severe restrictions on what you are even allowed to print, and every print job is via secure keycard release - privacy regulations and all - but the main driving factor was actually cost savings - they have a target for our internal operations to be "functionally paperless" by 2014 - meaning the only "paper" printed will be for legal requirements, such as signed contracts, etc. Printers are dying slowly - in 10 years I don't imagine most homes will even have printers anymore - I have a laser printer, and a color inkjet, and both rarely if ever get used. This is all of course just my opinion - feel free to disagree/hate me/show me evidence to the contrary/downvote me/etc

Comment Highly Subjective... (Score 1) 275

Entirely depends on the person, position, department, company, etc. I work on a team that is almost entirely telecommuters. Last I checked, me, the new guy, working from home, was being highly praised and his work being held up as example of how to be on our team. However I have a friend who works very hard from home and never received recognition... ever. Its all YMMV depending on the above criteria IMHO.

Comment Good On Her (Score 2) 611

I think the neat thing here being glossed over is that she actually followed through on this, even going above and beyond to hire extra staff to meet demand. She could have easily played the "while supplies last" card, or done any number of other "shady" things to try and avoid fulfilling all of the requests. I know for a fact if this had happened somewhere around where I live, the proprietor would have fed a line of bullshit and invalidated the coupons or some crap.

Comment Re:Stocks, bonds, derivatives, or foreign currency (Score 1) 694

Suckered? I wasn't suckered into anything. I was left with no choice.

Of course you were. The "suckering" part was when they tried to convince you that a 401k was better than a pension. I remember all the hoopla that surrounded the rollout of all these "private pensions" and how the people who had them would do so much better and how if only we put all the Social Security money in 401ks every senior would be rich.

Did you know that the income Social Security is getting on their investments is better than the income on the average 401k over the past decade? This is one of the reasons why Social Security is still taking in more money than it's paying out.

Funny how you will never, ever see that little fact in any article about Social Security: that Social Security is not only solvent, but it's taking in more money than it's paying.

It won't be long before the only people left with pension plans are Union Workers.

And the right is telling that we should hate them for it instead of the corporate forces that thought they could get over on workers by giving them pensions instead of raises and then screwed them.

Yea, they may have tried to convince me. That doesn't mean I, or anyone else I know believed it for a second. Nonetheless, we have no power to "reject" such a change. It was made without our choice or input. Therefore implying that everyone who now only has a 401k was suckered is misleading, at best. I don't hate union workers for what they have fought for - I hate that "the well has been poisoned". Try unionizing in this day and age and see how far you get (cliff notes: not far at all). The only unions still around, and still able to bargain for pensions are the unions that *have* been around for a very long time.

Comment Re:Stocks, bonds, derivatives, or foreign currency (Score 2) 694

Plus, since we're talking about a very small amount, it would not hurt all of the retirees who were suckered into 401ks and Roth IRAs instead of proper pensions.

Suckered? I wasn't suckered into anything. I was left with no choice. My company, and 1000's of others, are discontinuing traditional pensions, and replacing them with yearly contributions to employee's 401k plans. It won't be long before the only people left with pension plans are Union Workers. Read More Here: And here's a view from the other side:

Comment Re:USA against the World? (Score 1) 735

Honestly the idea of all the countries in the world being under one organization was rather boneheaded to begin with. Some countries are just too different.

People used to say this about segregation of colored people from white people. I wonder how that turned out... Hmm. Maybe we aren't "too different" after all...

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