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Comment Re:Seems about right (Score 1) 388

Some of them, yes, but IIRC I had to reboot at least once for some newer type of kernel module thingy.

It's not that I really *mind* a reboot every now and then, as long as it can be somewhat scheduled. I was just correcting the GP who stated that you could go from Old to Current in one go. That's simply not always true.

Comment Re:Seems about right (Score 1) 388

2. Multiple reboots: [...] Try a similar test on any Linux distro (pick a CD as old as you want), notice how you only need to reboot once to have all of the updates apply.

I did. Ubuntu required me to upgrade in steps, at least when going from 6.04 PPC to ... can't remember exactly which version, but I think it was three dist-upgrades, the last of which broke video.

Comment Re:I'm not holding my breath (Score 1) 427

Other phone operating systems did not have a legacy installed base to worry about, while MS has to be concerned about this, which also hamstrung 7.0's development.

Yet from what I've heard, WinPho7 won't run WinMo6 apps. That kinda kills the legacy argument. I think they *do* have a legacy to consider, though: the users. Changing the UI like they did, killing binary compatiblity and some other stuff, that takes balls.

WinPho7 is the first Microsoft announcement - it's not a product until it hits the shelves - that has me interested. Ever.

Comment Re:paper was in PLoS Biology not PLoS One (Score 2, Funny) 115

"The robots evolved" - WTF?! People kept training the neural network to create desirable functionality, without people training the neural network and doing "mutations" those robots would have evolved as much as a lightbulb stuck up somebody's arse!

Isn't that what evolution is all about?
Changing to get desirable functionality/traits, that is, not shoving lightbulb up people's arses.

Comment Re:Nokia... (Score 1) 114

I have the impression you're talking about the number of features. They are not the only factor for large parts of market, when low price, lack of GPRS in the cell network anyway or, yes, easy to use UI are also important.

No, not just the number of feateres, more how those features are implemented. Take something basic like SMS: it's a joy to use on S40, I hate it on S30. That's the "easy to use" part for me.

Plus durability, reception and ridiculously long battery time, that's why I like to keep recent S30 device around as backup or for hiking.

Those, as well as the GPRS and the low price you mentioned earlier, are hardware features. My (S40) 6300 is built like a tank (METAL shell!) and runs for about a week if I keep away from GPRS and Bluetooth. I've had it for about two and a half years, and it still works flawlessly. So yeah, grabbing a cheap S30 for absolute emergencies might be a sensible option, but S40 doesn't automatically mean frail or lousy battery life. That's something I do think about (most of the) the S60 sets. =]

Wanna see real abomination? Check those calculator-like cellphones "for the elderly", ridiculously overpriced and yet cheaply made.

Hear hear. My dad once got one of those. Horrible build quality (case was shifting and making cracking sounds since day one, sliding it open usually required 2 hands), horrible display, horrible software, and he got to pay 130 euros + contract for the privilege. He could have gotten a 6300 for less (they tend to go for 25 with a contract, and he'd be better off. The thing stopped working within a year anyway, so now he has another handset, a Samsung slider.

Yeah, those "elderly" sets should be taken into another dark alley and shot in the face, together with the clowns that make and market them.

Comment Re:Nokia... (Score 1) 114

Also, there is talk of better User Interface design, but as far as I'm aware, (and please, someone correct me if I'm wrong here) Nokia third party developers haven't been notified about any kind of recommended style sheet guides that they should be following (even if just voluntarily).

Very valid point. I was, however, able to find this UI Style Guide for S60 (there's one for S40 and other platforms too) with just one Google Search.

I haven't really read it, so I don't know how "thorough" it is, but it does satisfy your "any kind of recommended style sheet guides", I think.

Comment Re:Nokia... (Score 1) 114

Oh, puh-leaze, can someone please take S30 into a dark alley and shoot it in the face? It's an abomination; I'm pretty sure every time someone uses S30 god kills a kitten. Or something.

OK, that might be overstating things a little, but if you compare S30 to S40 -- which doesn't exactly need a cluster of supercomputers to run on, itself -- the former kinda pales. In fact, for a lot of people, I'd say S40 is Smart Enough, really. It might not do multitasking (apart from the music player, kinda like the iPhone now that I think of it) and be limited to mostly Java Apps, but it's not really that limited. And it's a ton faster and more stable than S60.

Then again, this is Nokia we're talking about. Could still be that they'll keep churning out tons of S30 thingies while this Grand New Interface takes ages to appear on handsets.

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