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Comment Re:Just an onion on my belt! (Score 1) 327

"There's a small but hopefully growing subculture of people who are buying the active ingredients of drugs," he says. "It's encouraging to see people take control of their own health."

There used to be a time when you could walk to your corner pharmacy and get a bottle of laudanum, or some cocaine. This did not work out well. There are far too many stupid or murderous people to allow this. I'm sure these guys have the best of intentions but when the idiots start rolling up with lawsuits because they didn't assemble their pen correctly or overdosed or used old medicine or got an air bubble into their veins or the cheap needle they used broke off into their leg or any of the infinite number of horrible things that will happen, they will be wiped out.

There are very good reasons we don't allow Doctor Mom to build her own x-ray machine to save a buck. Just because this medical device is simple doesn't mean it isn't a medical grade device that should be constructed in your Maker lab.

Let's get this straightened out:

On one hand:

You get a few imbeciles who cannot be trusted with a pencil because they will jam it in their eye first chance and sue everyone and their cat for their gross stupidity. These Darwin Award Nominees might Darwin themselves out compared to the MILLIONS who know how to operate a syringe (which is all an EpiPen really is).

On the other hand:

People discard this cheaper DIY solution, including just buying the drug and insulin syringes, and stick with getting butt fucked without lube by Mylan. This causes millions of people whom can't afford the drug (because they don't have insurance, the insurance company won't pay for it because they are assclowns, etc.) to drop dead like flies because of complications due to Anaphylactic shock or Asthma.

But, hey: The Darwin Award Nominees live to kill themselves in another dumbass way!

So, which is it? A few Darwin Award Nominees who will off themselves anyways either by EpiPencil or a REAL pencil, or millions who Mylan would gladly ass fuck for more money?

I'll GLADLY hand out the Darwin Award Statues to those morons if it means people can live without taking it in the ass by Mylan or dying because of their greed.

Comment Re:so sad :( (Score 1) 420

I was a student there. That was the best 7 years of my life -- good friends, better drugs, best sex. I'd drink a red bull and viagra on Friday afternoon and fuck 10-15 dudes before Monday came around. I'm working as a fullstack junior web engineer at a SF startup so there's just as much, if not more, sex, but I miss the drugs and friends. Skipping work because I'm hungover isn't quite the same as skipping class because I'm hungover.

I plan on doing my own startup in a couple months, once I get a cofounder, raise a series A and find an idea. I wouldn't be here without ITT so this is a little sad for me :(

Wow. It took you seven years to graduate from ITT Tech?

I enrolled my cats into ITT Tech and it only took them a year and a half to get a degree in network security and electrical engineering with honors.

If it took you that long: You must have been stoned out of your gourd, mate.

Comment Ok... (Score 1) 65

Nigeria's anti-fraud agency was also involved in the arrest.

So, basically: Nigeria's Anti-Fraud Agency got off their ass and made it look like they did something meaningful.

That's a relief.

Considering that whole blasted State is rife with corruption, fraud, and violence: The removal of one major kingpin out of countless many will certainly make them look like they are hard at work. Especially since Interpol and who know how many other international LE agencies did all the hard work for them.

Comment Re:Concert Venues? (Score 1) 312

So dance clubs, concert venues, most Broadway shows - those are all death traps? Because most of those places go through *gallons* of propylene glycol a night - as where most eCig users are puffing 50ml every 3-6 months. THINK OF THE BROADWAY ACTORS

We've tried it before.

It was called the Prohibition of Alcohol. It was a HUGE SUCCESS !

Well, thankfully we learned our lesson...

Oh, I guess not. My bad.

Comment Re:Skin him alive on Twitch (Score 1) 99

Take down World of Warcraft? THIS SHALL NOT STAND!!

Considering the collective yawning and dismissal of most Slashdotters. Combined by the general lack of impressive talent to do said attack:

That should be a clear indication that the level of anger, with the exception of the usual die hard fanboys, is around "Meh" to "So Fucking What?" levels.

Comment Failbook surpresses Consevatives? (Score 1) 346

Huh? Failbook censors Conservative bullshit?


Last time I checked (this morning), Kevin Sorbo, FUX News, Ass Talk Radio ass clowns, my GF and her folks could post just fine. She and my future in laws are SOOO conservative, they are one death camp away from being Nazis!

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