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Comment Re:Yes, you entitled fuck, it is the destruction.. (Score 1) 395

...of your abusive business model, where you make shit films, charge too much for them, trick people into going with clever advertising, and then get laws passed that criminalize format-shifting because you're so afraid that a tiny bit of revenue will slip through your greedy fingers. Even Hollywood accounting can't win in a free market. Man, that really sucks. Your life is so hard.

He should cry more.

His tears are delicious!

Comment Re:See, now things are getting better (Score 1) 259

Only in Trump's American can a naked Playboy emerge from the ashes of clothed boringness! We're going to make America undraped again!

So does that mean I can finally buy a Playboy without the store burning down or having a pet wander 5 miles away from home?*

WOOHOO! The curse is lifted! Brazzers here I cum!

*Yes. These things actually happened to me. I met the woman who later burned the shop down that night intentionally. Then the other time my dog (a mini pom) wandered 5 miles away from the house and was found by a farmer we knew. Both times were right after I got a Playboy.

Comment *** BREAKING NEWS!!!! *** (Score 1) 399

Water is wet.

It is also comprised of two Hydrogen atoms and one Oxygen atom.

It also has a Ph of 7 and is considered a Universal Solvent.

It Also has a MSDS for it. That's right. There is a Safety Data sheet on WATER because the government felt a need to inform people that you can't breath in it.

In other news: 3D TV, a commercial gimmick for people to buy expensive shit, has finally kicked the bucket. Reports are also coming in that the Virtual Reality fad is also following suit. VR, as you know, has been a fad that both the Game Console and Electronics companies have been trying to shove up people's ass like 3D TV, but has failed every time.

Captain Obvious reporting.

Comment Re:IT is amazing (Score 1) 99

Laziness and impatience drives obscene profit margins within the coffee industry. It's still fairly easy to still spend pennies on a cup of coffee, if you're willing to get off your ass, grind a few beans, and brew a cup. Most people prefer whistling for a dog named Starbucks or shove a pod into a machine to whip up a coffee-like substance fast enough to not be a burden on a FOMO lifestyle.

I make Folgers Coffee from a drip coffee machine. My morning brain fuel.

I don't need those fancy cup pod coffee makers or that fancy Starfucks that costs more than a can of Folgers. Young'uns are so noob to the joys of coffee. Back in my day I had to go to an actual store and get a can of coffee and then actually make the coffee.

Now get the Hell off my lawn!

Comment Re:FBI Jurisdiction (Score 1) 104

Perhaps I'm mistaken, but isn't the FBI restricted to US jurisdiction? I grew up with the understanding that they were basically a domestic police force on the national level.

I'm assuming I am mistaken, please feel free to give me further understanding on how the FBI can be in India.

They were working with the government of that country or in cooperation of that country.

Comment Re:We'll see how long this lasts... (Score 1) 90

What do you accomplish by trying to inject Trump into this topic?

Really, what do you accomplish?

I got better things to do than read the comment from the troll you replied to...

...but they succeeded in what they wanted to accomplish because you broke Rules of the Internet #14.

Comment Re:loses badly??? (Score 1) 90

That doesn't sound like loses badly. That just sounds like a relatively normal loss. A normal loss should probably include attorney fees. I'm glad the student won and didn't end up having to pay money but the student was probably still out a ton of time and hassle and it didn't sound like there was any compensation to the student or punishment to the firm besides having to pay the other side's court cost. Again, glad the student fought it but the only thing the student got to show for it was to be able to keep their review online. The student should be rewarded somehow for fighting a frivolous lawsuit instead of taking the easy route and just deleting the review.

Clearly you are forgetting:

- This will further darken the Law Firm's reputation. Yelp review or not.
- The Negative PR from this clusterfuck isn't going to draw in new clients.
- This isn't going to help them in the future. Especially if a high profile case comes up.

So they have lost money. That isn't a big deal. It is the attention and court of public opinion that will last forever and do more harm than they want.

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