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Comment Addendum (Score 1) 376

on Revenge of the Sith: this movie failed to convince me that Anakin's life was so horrible that he would become Darth Vader. The scenes that she seems to gush over at the end of the film seemed like a rushed, slipshod mess to me. Genndy Tartakovsky's Clone Wars series did a MUCH better job of convincing me that Anakin would go to the dark side. It also made General Grievous look less like the overhyped, toolbag that he is portrayed as in RotS.

Comment Alex Grey (Score 1) 376

destroys George Lucas when it comes to art. I think shes trying to be off-the-wall here for off-the-wall's sake. More than likely, it is to bring attention to her book. As far as Alex Grey goes, I believe his greatest work is the CoSMic Christ collection of paintings. This coming from a non-religious agnostic.

Comment Re:Ninja Garden (Score 1) 282

thank you for saving me the effort to explain that.

btw, tepples, i am keeping my old Wii to keep using my Gamecube stuff. personally, i could care less about your inability to use the GC controllers with Brawl. there are other options and learning to use those other options is known as adapting.

Comment Re:Id rather have had creativity or originality. (Score 1) 282

so what you are saying is that Nintendo is a video game company with franchises. they make more games based on those franchises because they sell, they are fun, and people like and recognize them.

you have also pointed out that they are a business that is trying to turn a profit based on what is a popular/hyped feature in electronics (ie: 3D and tablets). are you going to criticize every electronics manufacturer for doing the same?

Comment Console Wars/Fanboys Are Stupid (Score 1) 282

I like video games. I have been playing since the Commodore 64. New consoles come out all the time. They cost money. Usually, at launch, they are not cheap. Competition has been good at keeping console prices in a decent range over the last 2 decades (considering inflation). That aside, much of the cost of this console can be disregarded when compared to buying most other new console releases.

Those of us who like to play video games and not just pretty (or ugly, muddy) colors and shapes probably purchased more than one system last generation. Those of us that bought a Wii will be able to use everything from the old console on the new one. That means that we don't have to buy controllers so that ALL our friends can play it with us when we bring it home. I will have an existing library of games to choose from in the Wii (from games I did not pick up yet to the ones currently in my collection) to play on this console. I will already be set to enjoy this console without spending much more than the cost of the new system and tablet package.

I will likely purchase many of the ports coming to this console, mainly because I don't have the mindset of a ravenous child and blow all my money on video games as soon as they are released (this works out great for me because then there are no "dry" periods for great games). That said, I am looking forward to playing Arkham City, AC: III, and possibly NG 3 (if they can resurrect it from the pile of trash it has been initially). There are other games that I want to get for this system but they (per normal) will have to wait (thus creating even more great games to fall back on at a later time).

I like Nintendo. I like Microsoft. At times, I can handle Sony. This is about video games. There is a good chance that your like holds no stake in the successes, failure, or image of these companies. Just play the games and quit whining about every little thing that you don't like about these different companies. If you don't like the company, don't buy the product. See how simple that is? Speak with your money. I don't want to see any of these companies stop making consoles. Want to know why? I don't want stagnated progress.

TL; DR: I don't care if you want a summary. Have fun with fun stuff. It is not serious business.

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