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Comment Re:Goodbye Moto (Score 3, Informative) 757

Its designed obsolescence. I learned this the hard way with my Samsung behold II, Samsung wants you to buy a new phone, and tries hard to lock you out of self updates so that the only option you have is to buy a new piece of hardware. The market has designed itself in such a way that its business model is dependent on people buying a new device every 2 years. If they let you openly hack your phone they cut into their bottom line. Hopefully the new players like HTC that are a bit more open will help change the marketplace.

Comment Re:Jack up the price? (Score 2, Informative) 504

First, it should be know, the USPS has become self-sufficient and has not directly received taxpayer-dollars since the early 1980s. However it is currently borrowing money from the U.S. Treasury to pay its deficits. Its building up debt, thus the drive for the change.

Amazon offers flat rate shipping subscriptions (their Prime service), anything that costs more money to them hurts their bottom line initially until they can figure out how to adjust it later(It's an annual subscription). Just like how they are fighting this "brown bailout" which is UPS's attempt to lobby the law that prohibits fedex ground from unionizing. FedEx unionizes their workforce, and their costs go up. Then UPS can put some slack back in their profit margins. Amazon doesn't want that to happen either. Also if the cost for Saturday delivery goes up, people will be less inclined to opt in for the upgrade in shipping, and instead turn to a local retailer to get their goods in time for their weekend needs.

Netflix is only supporting the USPS change because it'll eliminate 1/6th of their delivery/processing days, and saves them a ton of money. They haven't stated yet if they plan to lower the costs of their service to reflect the loss to the customers. Of course they try to spin it as supporting the well being of their delivery medium, but in reality it again all comes down to the bottom line.

I personally like the option of a cheap Saturday delivery, and hope that the USPS can figure out a way to generate more revenue and keep their 6 day schedule.

Submission + - Training and Certification options for Admins 1

Devrdander writes: One of the few perks of my job is that the company offers us a training budget every year where they will send us off to a bootcamp and pay for a follow up cert along with travel for it all. So far I've obtained my RHCE and CCNA and on my own time am currently working on my CCNP. I don't want to pass up on using the few $K they offer and am looking to further expand my skill base. I know that MS certs can be valuable but I would like to avoid them as it's not really my area of interest. Can anyone suggest some good courses (doesn't have to be attached to a mainstream cert) that might look good on a resume? I was thinking something in the realm of VOIP might be useful to round out my Linux/Networking skill set.

What complementary skills have you found to be useful when dealing with someone that works as a Network Engineer and or Linux Administrator?
What emerging tech do you see that would prob get lumped in with my area of focus?

Comment Re:Good for them (Score 1) 302

First I have to applaud you, you break the stereo type. But I also have to point out you are taking offense strongly to the consensus here. On average Men do make more than Woman, even in the same jobs. Its a bitter pill of society you have to accept. There are still more house wives than house husbands and although America has made a big swing towards dual income house holds its usually the man that brings in the larger salary and the woman who has the disposable job instead of a career. Those margins of separation are thinning rapidly state side but in China the stigma that males are superior to females is still strong. This is the reason why the majority of adoptions in the US from Asia are female, because families will have multiple children till one is born male. In the country regions where the 1 child laws aren't enforced, which seems to be the region that parent speaks of, they generally depend on the male children to take the reigns, get an education, and find a decent career. Since the market tends to favor men in positions of power a male has a much higher earning potential there than the females. This is probably rooted in the labor background of the region, where a male would probably be more productive in a physical labor profession.

As far as the exploitation statements are concerned. In countries (specially Asia) where the moral code wasn't written based on a Christian background of belief things like sex alcohol and other drugs aren't viewed in the same light. Although they may be acknowledged as social blights due to health concerns (Spread of disease, addition and destructive behavior), they aren't necessarily viewed as morally objectionable. Emotional ties of sex can actually vary

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