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Comment Re:Howto create good password thats easy remembere (Score 1) 275

No, very weak is "hjdmib". He a bit more than doubled the characters that needed to be searched. Obviously, throwing a few symbols in there would be nice, and even better would be some bytes outside of the domain of ASCII, but hey, you can't have it all. Though really, why not use "H3y Jud3, d0n't m4k3 11 b4d"? It has almost all of that, plus a good length.

Comment Bad assumptions (Score 5, Insightful) 477

This article is confused and makes all sorts of horrible assumptions. In short, the author seems to believe that the only way people make money off free software by adding "differentiating" proprietary software to it. Since the whole point of the GPL is to prevent people from making the software under its purview non-free, it shouldn't really be surprising, then, that the author finds it a huge pain in the neck. Personally, I'd say the license is a success, and I suspect a lot of the companies making money from GPLed software would agree with me.

-- Brett Smith, License Compliance Engineer, Free Software Foundation

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