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Comment Re:"Third-lowest barometer reading ever recorded" (Score 2) 144

BTW, it turns out that many of the readings from the typhoons in the 60s were estimated incorrectly. See Black, P.G., (1992): "Evolution of maximum wind estimates in typhoons" ICSU/WMO International Symposium on Tropical Cyclone Disasters, October 12-16, 1992, Beijing.

Comment queue the patent troll comments... (Score -1, Troll) 43

If you replace the word Samsung with Apple then it would be easy to predict the resulting comments. They would be called patent trolls and should be boycotted. Anyone using a phone from the company would be part of the problem and a fanboy.

Now let's see what happens when it is Samsung doing what Apple does. Or it excuse me, doing what any multinational company with a vast patent portfolio would do...

Comment Re:Who started it? (Score 1) 292

Those are all valid questions. Many of which are asked by American citizens. The problem with such questions is that they are moot. The world has provided no other way to deal with dictators, rouge nations, and terrorist. We are stuck with the whims of the president of the only country with the capabilities to handle all this.

We'd gladly stop sending troops into harms way and cut our defense spending if the rest of the world would take over.

Comment wrong question (Score 4, Insightful) 70

I don't think the question should be can you raise money for your business (or idea) with crowd funding. I think the question should be, is crowd funding intelligent enough to pick winners and losers? Most popularity contests are won by the superficial as opposed to substance.

Comment Re:But are we really trying? (Score 1) 209

Yea for yield increases! However, you failed to mention that ~80% of all arable land is currently in use. Grain productivity peaked years ago. And, depending on whether you like conservative or liberal estimates, we are going to need anywhere from a 40%-60% increase in productivity to mean the demands of the population in just a few decades.

Did I mention the amount of arable land is also on the decline?

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