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Comment Phrased wrong? (Score 1) 206

No, I don't think Flash would harm journalism, because the usage of Flash has nothing to do with journalism by definition. Perhaps you phrased the question wrong. I'm going to vote the opposite of what this community is always ranting on about and say no Flash will not ruin the web any more than a concert on DVD or comics made into movies. Its only delivery and sometimes the artist is trying to tell the story as well. Now journalists doing Flash is another story. You don't ask a shoe salesmen to write an inventory software at a shoe store.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 995

Yay! Religion pissing contest. Maybe you should all learn some effing history and show me a single religion worth having around. "Tell me about a recent clinic bombing... wah wah wah..." Give it a rest. I HATE apologists and hypocrites. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Scientologists, Hindus, Buddhists and everything in-between need to grow the hell up, because collectively you are a plague on humanity.

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