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Comment Started when they dropped tools for maps/mods (Score 1) 208

I had a bad feeling when they announced they were beefing up its rudimentary singleplayer to include full hollywood derp.

They also announced that tools for user generated content was not "planned" for the release, I had a weak hope this might imply a later release but I kept myself from buying it because of a growing cynicism that ultimately was proven correct.

They SIMPLY did not want to give us the same value BF1942 and BF2 provided, I played a lot of the vanilla but ultimately I spent much more times on Desert Combat, Forgotten Hope, Eve of Destruction, Project Reality and often tried tons of other variation to lesser extents.

I still have Forgotten Hope 2 installed, updated ( next version will finally include the Eastern front) and enjoyed.

Offical release can't take the risk to do anything then being clinically balanced, hobby mods can however. Maybe not everyone thinks facing a sherman with a japaneese tin can or being mowed down for the umpteenth time on Omaha beach is balanced gameplay or have the patience for it.
It requires a slew of different tactics and team work for a specific side on a specific map but the short end of a stick can be fun to wield especially with 128 player servers.
If not then there are plenty of other mods to choose form, some with more popularity then others but it provided tons of value.

That extending value meant more people would be content with a BF1942 or BF2 for years and years, can't let new products compete with the old ones can you?

Comment Re:Public education problem (Score 1) 130

Because its not an all compassing boom, I've know people that changed their subjects in the first year because of the math primers and friends that wanted to be police but ended up as truckers.

If salries are what everyone ties themselved down to, then why can't I remember everyone wanting to become fishermen.

You are so simplistic in your analysis it hurts.

Comment Re:Public education problem (Score 1) 130

You're so far from the middle ground as it can get.

Your rigid thinking completely ignores the fact that most public eductiaton for most of your life has shit todo with higher education.

Or that people chooses higher education or vocation beyond what your myopic mind percives.

But excuse my current drunk wisdom....

You're just another aspie cunt that think you have figoured out every human condition, the fact that you think everyone is after higher wages regardless of anything else, after those windows 8 app shit, and conflating those two as the same.

Shows you know shit about the market...and shit about the individual.
All this talk about brain parrabellum is as empty and meaningless as the shit Sam Harris proposes.

Not everyone is on a bandwagon....its only your self narscisistic belief that everytrend is greater then people wanting to become doctors, vets, scientists, writers, graphicians, nurses or teachers.

Why people are lead to these choices are shit you know SHIT about, but still decide to act like you have supperior insight into.
And that is what makes you a cunt and a faggot.

Comment Re:Only (Score 1) 130

"Think about "Computer Fraud and Abuse". The wording of the law makes it so that a strict definition of a "computer" can make you guilty of anything. A touch-tone telephone with number memory and built-in answering machine may be a small embedded computer; if you use it to dial into a phone system tree and hack your way through the system, you're using "a phone"... but, since it's got an embedded SOC, can you be charged with hacking "with a computer"? "

In that case it would still be Computer Fraud and Abuse if you used a turn dial phone, because you exploited the computer program and used the principles against it.
Its actually a bad example, the Neil Scott Kramer case is a better one where CFaA was tacked on his Coersion of Minor charges because his phone could be connected to the Internet, ignoring that his approchment of the victim did not rely on it.

Firearms violations act is also a bad example and far from relevant.
Most Firearm acts also classifies a range of lethal weapons then just projectiles propulsed by an explosions.

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