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Comment Re:redmine (Score 1) 428

Could sub every "trac" in that post with "redmine" and it'd be the same thing.

I like the feel of redmine more than trac, but that's just about the only difference.

I do wish redmine had a more robust bug tracker. Some of the features that bugzilla has would be nice specifically this one (Yes I'm shamelessly pushing my bug on slashdot in the hopes that someone with more time than I have will get 'er done :D

Comment Re:Teaching SOA using a single language? (Score 2, Insightful) 110

Well, the book is called "Service Oriented Architecutres with Java."
If you're concerned about interoperability, then you will obviously test with other languages. But if you're building multiple services in your company/business for your use, and you're all using Java, then I don't see any reason to use another language. Although, I'd prefer to use OSGi as then you avoid the whole XML thingy.

Comment Re:Need a way to encrypt Limewire now (Score 3, Informative) 218
Just turn on encryption in your favorite torrent client, and only allow encrypted connections. In combination with the Distributed Hash Table, Magnet Links, and Peer Exchange, an entirely decentralized file sharing system will work

Comment Re:Netbeans just isn't there (Score 4, Insightful) 151

Hmm, as a java development platform (and as a C/C++ development IDE) it is unrivaled by Eclipse. Things seem to work so much smoother in netbeans. You don't have to configure the shit out of it to use it. Most stuff follows the convention over configuration principle. At least that's the way it seems to me
Every time I use eclipse I'm surprised at the exceptional amount of options there are to do something simple. I rarely use them. Most of the options could be done with a couple bits of typing anyway.
As for the RCP stuff, I don't particularly care about that. I think eclipse has the upper hand in that stuff, as that's what it was designed to be in the first place, unlike Netbeans, which was designed to be a Java IDE.

Comment Re:Insteon, but not all that OSS friendly (Score 4, Informative) 409

from It appears that you can actually use insteon quite well with Open Source stuff.

As of 2009/03, Insteon is fully supported for open source on unix or windows, but for this you must use a P(ower)L(ine)M(odem) (not a serial or USB PLC) and use it with misterhouse.

A favorite site of mine is Linux Home Automation. Decent amounts of good information.
I am of the opinion that Home Automation isn't as far along as it should be.

Comment Steel plates (Score 1) 266

Etch the 1s and 0s into a steel plate. Then seal it in one of those food vacuum seal bags. Then put that bag in another bag.

That should do it. It'll last forever, and can be manually recovered easily.

Side note:
This was on the bottom of the page: " There's nothing like a girl with a plunging neckline to keep a man on his toes. "

Comment Love & Respect (Score 1) 1146

This was an excellent foundation to our marriage. Built on foundations described in the Bible, following the tenents in this series has helped us stay out of trouble.

I've noticed that most of the advice on here pertains to guys alone. The woman has a part in the marriage too. She's supposed to respect her husband unconditionally. The man is supposed to love her unconditionally, a sacrificial love, "as Christ so loved the church."

It's worked out wonderfully for my wife and I, and you don't really need to be a Christian to take the advice to heart.

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