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Comment The Tilting Handlebar (Score 0) 141

Maneuvering the Segfault would be awkward due to that. It shouldn't be that hard to move the switch and make it steer like a bicycle's steering handlebar, which isn't that hard to do at all.

But all in all, they've made the Segway-like device simpler, thus cheaper and easier to manufacture and service. We'll have stuff like this as christmas presents soon enough.

Comment Re:Goes to show how much of recycling is a gimmick (Score 0) 168

same as pcs, the motherboard needs to be well made, but the casing and rest of the metal for the box can be recycled metals.

To my experience, among the most short-lived components in a PC are the motherboards and hard drives. For hard drives, it may be inevitable, being mechanical and all but motherboards? it's beyond me.


Submission + - Is it time to go 64-bit with Windows 7? (

davidmwilliams writes: "So you're planning to upgrade your Windows PC to Microsoft Windows 7? While considering the different versions — Home, Professional, Ultimate — you may not consider one other important decision, namely whether to go 64-bit. I think the time is right to make the leap. Here's how you effortlessly tell if your processor supports 64-bits and my experiences with upgrading to Windows 7."

Comment Re:Yes (Score 1, Insightful) 782

It doesn't prevent people from creating GPL'ed apps that work only on a $100 Windows platform...

If the source is available, then it's your right to distribute. How you distribute it, it is up to your own capability (the fee required to submit the app into the App Store) and media (internet fees, paper, CDs, etc).

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