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Comment Re:Bout time (Score 1) 349

if you install the android SDK, you can use the "adb remount" command and get right into the guts of your phone. there are some great tutorials online; I tried to modify my hosts file via the phone, but found hooking it up to my machine and using a text editor there more useful.

Comment Re:The problem with jurors (Score 1) 539

as the poster below had mentioned, jurors aren't exactly helped out. let me give you an example:

here in pittsburgh, I believe they pay you $8-9 dollars per day to serve on jury. great, you're serving justice, and they're only paying you $1 an hour, but hey, it could be worse. but then, you're not getting paid for your regular job. not a problem if you're making decent money/salary, but it would be if you're getting paid hourly. you're not getting compensated for time not spent at your job, fair.

you take the bus/train into jury duty. out of that $8-9 you're getting, about $3-4 is spent on public transport [and with the new rate hikes, it'll be closer to $5]. "fuck it," you say. "I'll park near the courthouse." guess what. parking is ridiculous out here. you will be unable to get parking for under $8 for a full day, although you're looking more like $10-12.

"shit! I forgot my lunch!" you exclaim. nearby, most lunch places [unless you REALLY love mcdonald's] will cost you at LEAST $5 for a lunch.

I wouldn't mind serving on a jury if I was called about it. but then again, I'm doing pretty okay financially. tell that to joe schmoe working for $8/hr and see how he feels about it [no pay from his job for the day, and spending more money than he earns on the days he's serving on jury]. that is why most people try to get out of it. solutions? how about a transit pass for the days you have to serve? or free parking at the courthouse? just food for thought for our legal system.

Comment Re:Gee, if only... (Score 3, Insightful) 335

you apparently missed the comments in the threads above; things have still snuck by the apple store folk. the only real way to catch this stuff is be conscious of what you're installing, and report suspicious items.

from user -kyz:
Apple is doing an equally bad job of protecting its ecosystem.

There have been several customer-data-grabbing iPhone apps, and these have only been yanked after members of the public alerted Apple to them.




Smuggling tethering past the censors:

the moral of the story is, it doesn't matter if it's closed or open-source. the end user is still the difference maker.

Comment Re:Why has nobody mentioned Hubbard? (Score 1) 112

rob bubbard is a god. I also like some of the guys that worked on consoles like jeff van dyck, and robert prince for PC as well!

and the chiptune scene is still alive and kickin' with things like 8 bit peoples, plopbox, and artists like anamanaguchi, bitshifter, shawn phase/temp sound solutions, etc.

hubbard did a lot more work on c64, which is why you won't hear much from the younger crowd, but he did some great stuff on other platforms, thankfully the pc [which is where I first encountered his works].

I myself even continue to write original chiptune music because I have such a passion for it. people walk by my desk at work and hear me listening to music from marble madness, amongst other things. by the way, the intermediate track from marble madness sounds like a lou harrison/alan hovhaness piece with so much chaos, it's not as well known as say, level 2 though. worth a listen for sure.

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