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Comment Re:How about "no"? (Score 1) 728

That's grasping at straws when the real point is Facebook deciding to emulate American ideals, or cow to Germany. No, you don't have any "rights" on Facebook, it's a private entity. The users are free to leave for a service that suits them. Once you restrict too many things from being posted, everyone will leave for that competitor.

Comment Re:think about the victoms before saying "no" (Score 1) 728

How do you incite hate by denying anything? Anyone denying anything should make the listener curious, and do their own research into the subject. If that's not happening, your education system is failing them. In fact, I'd argue it fails everyone. It seems their either fall for the rhetoric and propaganda of the government, or that of the hate groups. Both should be questioned, often. To suggest that it is somehow naturally a crime, without question, is insane, at best.

Your duty? If you want to put that on yourself, that's your choice. Avoiding making the mistakes of generations before you, fine. Assuming guilt for actions committed decades before you were born? That's dipping your toe in the crazy pool...

Comment Re: How about "no"? (Score 1) 728

Insulting? Angry? I was under the impression that German students learn English in their schools at a higher level than American students do in American schools. Clearly, you've fallen through the cracks if you got either of those from what he wrote.

Rather, I'm pretty sure his point was that Germany can have their laws, and they can keep them in Germany. If it has to be this way - Facebook out of Germany, Germany out of Facebook. No big loss.

Comment Amazing that they can pull off the complete 180... (Score 1) 108

LEGO Universe died because it was everything about LEGO except building.

Here it's going to be about building, but no one to play with. Genius.

Hopefully they're serious about that "yet", and multiplayer will be added sooner rather than later. Then it's just a matter of getting the building part right. Interacting with other people will just happen on its own. Of course, I don't see this making the smart move of full open world MMO with no instancing. Without that, it can capture a decent audience for a long time, but it won't have quite the same broad appeal.

Comment Re:How is this specific to Selfie Sticks? (Score 1) 111

That's why the first article we saw a few weeks ago was "South Korean hospitals and air traffic control plagued by Bluetooth interference from selfie-sticks!"

Oh, wait, we didn't see that, and never will. You can file this one in the same folder with taxi medallions and Uber - regulation to protect a taxed industry from an untaxed competitor under the guise of "public benefit."

Comment Re:Selfie Stick? (Score 1) 111

Because you can't get one of those extend-y grabby arm toys at Target or Walmart for $10? Some of those can take decades of abuse and still work. Hell, you could probably build the thing yourself using those parts, but I'd rather pay someone else to do it.

Far more likely that it's been patented, not in production from the holder of said patent, and no one wants to pay the licensing.

Comment Re:To be expected (Score 1) 473

That analogy just seems off to me. Maybe "ordering a luxury four wheel drive vehicle that has deployable rails, and upon delivery it doesn't have the rails." You can still drive it straight, but it's no longer built it. (Yes, I'm implying that anyone that wanted a single player version without MMO was asking for a game on rails.)

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