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Comment Natural Clues (Score 2) 103

I had always assumed that things like light levels were more to blame. That, and one of the first things I do when waking in the morning is look at a clock. When I went under to get my wisdom teeth out I awoke with no time-telling device handy to immediately know how long it had been. Of course I was also slowly coming out of literally being drugged out of my mind, so who knows...

Comment Re:I Don't Think So (Score 1) 574

Actually watching the video at full screen shows clearly visible straps coming down around the necks of all four girls. In fact, I'd say it looks like nothing more risqué than a family photo of a young relative, perhaps a daughter/granddaughter/niece/etc at the beach. The video of the dog coming out of the water is probably from the same trip. I'd even go as far to say that the good senator has done nothing wrong. I watched the video several times, and it's clear that he opens an email from someone, notices what it is, then closes it. Same with the dog video. Nothing exciting or newsworthy here.

Comment Re:"Graphic Novel' My Ass..... (Score 1) 55

You, sir, are a pretentious dumbass. It's hilarious that you seem to think that for a work to have value, it must have value to you personally. It's also funny that you hold an opinion of the difference between "graphic novels" and "comic books" that's not "one's longer than the other." Of course, the fact that you mention three boring and unimaginative comic strips as examples of graphic novels throws any credibility you had out the window. Might as well admit you like Garfield and get that out of the way.

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