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Journal Journal: Fourth (OW!)

I bit my tongue today while saying the word, "fourth."

It didn't hurt or anything, but I did it. I didn't know it was possible.

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Journal Journal: Best Mod Ever

Here's something I did a few weeks ago. I submitted it, but it was rejected. Oh, well. Anyone who wants to look can check it out.
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Journal Journal: Parking 1

So I was parking today, and I noticed something about myself. I treat the parking lot like I do urinals in a public restroom.

First, if it's a lot I come to frequently, I always have my area. I don't have a particular favorite spot (at least not when that one tree doesn't have leaves). Then I see whoever else is already there, and how much empty space there is. You've got to leave an empty space between you and the other cars. Today, I noticed that in my favorite area of the lot, there was no spot with 3 empty spaces in a row. So then I had to decide who I was going to park by! Let's see, there's a green Honda and that faded blue minivan. Hmmm. The minivan is Diane's, and I don't want to park next to a stranger, so I'll park here next to Diane.

Am I crazy?

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Journal Journal: Israels' military supremacy

I have heard and read today a couple of times condemnation of US and Israeli aggression in the Middle-East. That's nothing new. What I noticed for the first time today was another reason that Israel is to be shamed for its agression (the US was shamed for the same reason in Iraq): Military superiority. What the smeg is this about? What bearing could this possibly have on the justification for anything?
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Journal Journal: Privacy Uber Alles

Is it just me, or is the entire US of A freaking out over the privacy issues while REAL crimes against freedom are taking us by storm, and we don't even notice?

I'm talking about the wholesale giving-over of our children to the school system (this isn't the government's fault, it's the parents'). I'm talking about the push to nationalize health care (if your phone bill isn't safe now, imagine when the gov't OWNS your medical records). I'm talking about how every time you turn around, control has been given from the state to the federal government, and from county to state, and from city to county, moving your say further and further up the chain, further from your influence. I'm talking about the myriad ways our freedom of religion is being taken from us. I'm talking about the wholesale slaughter of how many hundreds of thousands (millions?) of innocent fetuses in order to prevent a few thousand hypothetical back-alley abortions.

They strain at a gnat and swallow a camel.

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Journal Journal: Right and Wrong

I feel like lately I have been apologizing for knowing right from wrong, or trying to justify it through arguing or something else. I think I need to stop doing it. How do you know something is right? I think it must come from God. Someone believes that same-sex marriage is a good thing, and should be allowed. How do they know that? What makes them so sure it is good? Is it their belief that all should have the same rights? And what makes them so sure that is correct? And so on. Where is the foundation. And when you meet someone who seems to have a different foundation than you, how do we know which person is correct?

For example, let's say that Osama bin Laden is arguing with me over who should die. He says that infidels need to die, and I say that we should let people worship how, where, and what they may. These are not compatible, and unless one of us gives in (he loosens his stance, or I convert to Islam), we are going to probably have trouble. So what can we discuss? I know bin Laden is wrong, but how do I show it? I really believe in my ideas of right and wrong. So who am I to judge bin Laden? Who am I to stop him from doing his thing?

Another thing. If there is no 'right' or 'wrong,' then do all value judgements go away?

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