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Comment Re: Considering some scientists have already... (Score 1) 303

So you think it is reasonable that scientific researchers are denied raw data making it impossible to replicate findings? You think it is alright to conspire to hide the truth because some people are ignorant? How do you expect verification without replication? Why do you fear the truth being told if your arguments are sound?

Comment Re:Great (Score 3, Interesting) 602

As the parent poster stated: "in EXCHANGE", or in other words you're paying for it. You can't rebut an statement if you've only bothered to read half of it.

Parent poster is right: western nations with higher tax rates generally do offer more stable, safer, societies, and corporations are all too happy to take advantage of that without making their contribution to that society.

And yes, governments do have the right to tax you. You can bleat about libertarianism all you like, but elected governments get to make the laws, and you can either abide by them, or piss off somewhere else without any pesky laws. I understand Somalia is nice at this time of year.

Comment Re:Ugh... (Score 1) 232

The damn naturally occuring volcanoes give off more greenhouse gasses in a week than 50 years of modern innovation has ever produced.

Is that why global carbon emissions briefly decreased when Eyjafjallajokull erupted in 2010, grounding the majority of European flights?

Yeah, you've bought the bullshit and are trying to peddle it on.

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