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Comment API this and Open Source that... (Score 1) 405

I'm a fan of cross-platform compatibility and I was a huge advocate for OpenGL and open standards - I ditched Windows 98 for a Linux distro when Quake 3 dropped, and I was happy to do so. The statement (late) that John Carmack is making is that DirectX is the refined API to program with, but it doesn't say he has left OpenGL out to pasture (obvious when you see RAGE run on an iPhone).

I'm all for Open standards, but evolution will always take place. I view this statement as a concern for OpenGL rather than an attack; get the API up to speed and the developers will use it.
(DOOM 3 / IDTech4 sucked on my Linux distros and Mac OSX) I have faith that the community will abide.

Comment Bethesda's current engine is still broken (Score 1) 231

I've been playing these games since Morrowind. Oblivion was nice and so are the Fallouts (3, Zeta, Vegas, etc). My gripe is that their current engine is terrible still. Moving to a new engine when they haven't fixed the old one does not inspire confidence. Time will tell. I'll still buy it though, cause I's Luvs Dragons.

Comment Squeeze tight (Score 1) 323

The Gov't won't be able to match the creative methods of free exchange that will develop as a result of their tinkering. The harder they squeeze, the more people will resist. They can't monitor everyone at all times. You have the control - you who digs deeper than most.

"I am a Snowflake, and though I am only one, I am one."

Comment Macs will allow both (Score 1) 434

Just a suggestion, but the MACs will allow for both operating systems to run on the same machine (and with parallels, etc both at same time). In the programming world, having a wide array of devices to test on would be better. Like when I write html/css etc. I don't only test on IE and call it a day. I have to test with a number of different browsers and OSs to make sure it looks and works for everyone. Given the education discount for Apple and the fact you still have XP licenses (as long as you remove from old machines) you may have the best of both worlds.

Comment Re:Don't hate the players. (Score 1) 1027

My country has its money produced by the same international banking system as the rest of the world; with obvious name differences. The Federal Reserve IS completely as you described. "OUR" money only steals value from previously created money and has no real worth. We do pay more and receive less everyday - in fact: 50 years ago, $1 was equal to about $25 today and this trend continues with every bail-out and loan approved. US money institutions were destroyed in 1913 by allowing the practice of Fractional Reserve Banking.

If you want to make the point that stealing is OK, then please say that, because your analogy isn't so much a what-if but rather a what-is.

Comment Don't hate the players. (Score 1) 1027

I've been reading a lot of these posts and I can't help but click on TPB and notice all new titles for the PC, XBOX, and PS3. I'm not much for Socialism in gaming, but I can't be upset with a company for trying to protect its products and offerings. Sure, someone may be pissed that they can't play unless their online - however, as someone else suggested, you don't HAVE to buy the game.

Remember when Half-Life 2 came out on Steam, and how no one could play, even when online? I was one of the affected "no internet available" people who couldn't play at first. I had to hook my PC up at the parents house and wait for it to update. This did piss me off at the time, but I still love Half-Life 2.

You wouldn't be upset if your parents put a security system in their home. So, why be pissed that UBI Soft wants to make some scratch off their work? Can't blame them.

Just take a look at the below link (be careful, TPB is filled with Nasties) and put yourself in the developers shoes.

Pirate Bay Top 100 PC Games

Comment Windows, Linux, OSX, bah. (Score 1) 766

You want to move the family to a new Linux Distro - Mint and Ubuntu are very nice, easy to install, and have a nice array of included/installed software. You can use dual boot with an old XP partition and show them how to load their old files.

If they want to just surf, watch videos, type papers, etc. then Ubuntu/Mint is a great choice.

If they want to play games on the PC, then Windows 7 is the best choice.

If they want a terrible headache-PITA, then OSX86 may be the ideal choice (it's not, lol).

If they want to add/subtract/multiply/divide, then a TI-36 Calculator is probably for them.

Give them the choice, and show them the +/- of each. Although, if you show them Compiz effects they'll be hooked like I was some 5 years ago.

Comment AT&T Sucks (Score 5, Informative) 353

Howdy, I worked with AT&T/Cingular right at the release and that is when "it" happened. From what I was told, AT&T reduced the range of their network to make data transmission more "reliable" for the iPhone, and in so doing, they pissed off a number of end users. We had so many complaints from people about their service no longer working in their homes, work, etc. I was there for the switch to 3G in OH and though the service is fast, the batteries don't last (heh); my phone(s) would be dead with very limited surfing. Oh well, maybe AT&T will rebrand again - back to Cingular and become completely Open Source... and monkeys might flight out of my butt. Bye iPhone.

An Open Source Compiler From CUDA To X86-Multicore 71

Gregory Diamos writes "An open source project, Ocelot, has recently released a just-in-time compiler for CUDA, allowing the same programs to be run on NVIDIA GPUs or x86 CPUs and providing an alternative to OpenCL. A description of the compiler was recently posted on the NVIDIA forums. The compiler works by translating GPU instructions to LLVM and then generating native code for any LLVM target. It has been validated against over 100 CUDA applications. All of the code is available under the New BSD license."

Submission + - Problems with Java Applet - Using, not creating

Derpnooner writes: Hello,
I have an issue that I am having trouble solving. I have a user who is trying to use a Java Applet from a website, and when the applet is loaded, any menu's or other Java related content flash and disappear behind the browser. I have googled this and I keep getting information for creating menus and apps, not fixing an issue for the end user.

Any ideas SlashDotters? I'm stumped.

Comment Re:So they've almost caught up to 100 years ago. (Score 1, Insightful) 235

GE stole their "ideas" from Tesla.
Wireless charging devices are just now becoming a viable solution.
Tesla was working towards creating that 75 years ago.

We are a stupid species that creates worth from nothing and fears change.
Don't worry, there is someone in a basement coming up with the "NEXT" big idea that has potential to change the world, though, it will be burried.

Nobody wants free energy... how would they keep their stranglehold on society ?
We'll be burning fossil fuels for a long, long time.

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