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Comment Re:I would consider buying a PS4... (Score 1) 82

And how exactly would they do that? PC's don't generally have 1 set of full graphics card memory. Nor do they generally run the OS of a Playstation Station 4. Now, if you mean Playstation Now, the streaming service, sure, if you want to stream your games, I suppose that could happen, although you'll be paying monthly fees plus game fees for an inferior experience, but whatever. Even Xbox One, which is far closer to PC still requires different code running on both platforms.

Comment So, how does this work exactly? (Score 3, Insightful) 321

Seriously? Trying to say X is a good portrayal of anything seems like a completely subjective thing to me and further practical impossible on any single element. Any portrayal can potentially be bad if it is overused, while at the same time any portrayal can potentially be fine so long as it is used in appropriate balance, but you can't determine either of things looking at an individual production. Likewise the standard for what exactly is a good or bad thing are basically totally subjective, especially in fiction. A complete cold bloodied murderer can be an excellent character, while a total altruist and general humanitarian can be a terrible character.

Comment Sub-optimal code. (Score 3, Insightful) 674

Frequently run into it, where I have a data set that is small, but difficult as hell code in such a manner as to go through efficiently. So, I can spend many hours trying to get the efficient code right, or just use the much simpler more brute force approach which will still get the task done just a quickly to the user's perception.

Comment Can't say I agree (Score 4, Insightful) 637

While trolls suck, they always had them. What they haven't had is inconsistent and overreaching policies for fighting these 'trolls'. We've seen in again and again, certain groups get free passes to say whatever they want, other groups say stuff even slightly, through a distorted lens, might look kinda trollish, banned. Get your current policies straight and consistent!

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