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Comment Who would buy this garbage (Score 1, Troll) 819

They can't keep firearms themselves out of the hands of formerly convicted criminals and those only number in the hundreds of millions. Around 10 BILLION rounds of ammunition are sold each year in the US. Ah here we go, The Lancet is a MEDICAL JOURNAL. This is a little like an automotive journal publishing a study on farm productivity. They know next to nothing about the subject, and have no real world experience with its application.

Comment Do as I say not as I do (Score 1) 546

That's funny, coming from the head of our government in a time where it is painfully obvious they want to keep all of the records of their "questionable" activities in a black box. A month doesn't seem to go by where some branch is claiming that the public doesn't need to know about their tracking of phone calls, internet communications, random planting of GPS devices, lying in court about the source of evidence (parallel construction), destruction of documents, keeping of records that are required by law to periodically destroyed, the list goes on.

Comment "coal free" (Score 1) 127

I imagine on the books they can make it look like they've gone coal free, but I wonder if they can actually DO it in the real world. I'd wager that what they'll actually be doing is something like what many residential solar customers do, pump significant amounts of energy into the grid on sunny days and pull in coal/wind/nuclear/solar/hydroelectric power in at night/on cloudy days. They claim that they're running on clean power but in reality if they disconnected themselves from "undesired" power sources their homes/businesses would be without power half the time. Don't get me wrong, switching off of fossil fuels to renewables (and well designed nuclear IMHO) as much is possible is a worthy goal. However until we invent one heck of a storage medium we will be unable to get anywhere near 100%, 70% is pushing it and even that would require significant fossil fuel backups.

Comment Someone ate some bad shrooms (Score 1) 253

This DA sounds like he is on a paranoid drug trip, similar to some crazy conspiracy theorist who forgot to take his asenapine saying that the government has implanted listening devices in his fillings. Rizwan was a food inspector and Malik was (educated as) a pharmacist. There is little if any indication that they had any background in advanced programming. And even the FBI seems unable, try as they might to stretch the definition, to tie the two of them to any significant terrorist organization so its unlikely that they received anything that way. As with most of these cases government officials seem happy to play to the idiots who watch too much 24 or similar programs that portray some massive conspiracy at play when in fact most of these cases are a few nutjobs randomly lashing out.

Comment Re:ocean landing will not happen during rough seas (Score 2) 129

Satellites take years to develop, and sometimes sit on a shelf for years more before they get a launch slot. Waiting a few days/weeks for "perfect" weather is nothing compared to that. I imagine launch customers look at the criteria in the following order, First that their satellite makes it to orbit, secondly that it is done so as cheaply as possible, and a distant third that it is launched on time. The only exception might be some interplanetary launches, but in with a properly designed propulsion system there is no reason why the satellite/probe couldn't be launched a few weeks/months early to loiter in an elliptical orbit until the window came up.

Comment Then drain it! (Score 2) 198

If its so dangerous just drain the darn thing. I don't care how neglected it is there has to be some way to open up the valves and drain the reservoir even if it involves shape charges or blow torches. If push came to shove simply disconnect the generators and open up their channels all the way, it would take a long time but the reservoir would eventually drain.

Comment Easy fix (Score 1) 95

Want to stop "erroneous" take-downs of non-infringing content? Amend the law so that if 0.1% of your take-down claims is improper the content in question is transferred to the public domain. Companies would tread really carefully if they risked losing ownership of the content in question. If content holders expect such severe penalties for infringers its only fair that there be severe penalties for claiming infringement where none exists.

Comment Re:They wonder why they get no respect (Score 3, Interesting) 174

"cops versus bad guys"

Why go with a generic statement when there is a direct quote from Ortiz, "It doesn't matter what color your uniform is. If you bleed blue, we have to back each other up." That doesn't sound nefarious, not at all. As you noted he has an extensive and public history of racism, abuse, lying and intimidation. He even goes after other cops who don't keep to the blue wall or show "enough patriotism".

Comment Re:Ahh the gray area (Score 2) 146

The letter in question doesn't appear to have anything directly to do with hoverboard safety from a use perspective (falling off, balance, etc) but more from a mechanical/electrical perspective (component failure, faulty wiring, faulty design, etc). That said I wonder if UL's certification tries to backdoor some of these aspects. Lets face it, the CPSC doesn't have a great track record when it comes to letting people exercise personal responsibility. They're the kind of agency that tries to idiot proof the world no matter what the cost.

Comment Hardware safeguards (Score 1) 402

Yet another reason why there should be built in hardware based safeguards, In the case of cameras/mics they should have a noticeable LED that is illuminated (for 2 seconds minimum) when they are active and of course should not be active unless being directly used. In the case of voice commands it shouldn't be too difficult to design a separate controller that would recognize a simple command ("Hey TV") before it began relaying the audio to the main board/internet at which point the LED would illuminate.

Comment Re:Nothing? (Score 1) 420

You assume the campaign contributions, trips and "consulting/speaking" fees are the only things of value changing hands. You see at least part of what is going on show itself pretty heavily in the regulatory agencies, members of those agencies suddenly gets a cushy job in the private sector after they are replaced/retire. I think the Securities and Exchange Commission is one of the more egregious examples, hundreds of their employees end up representing the very people they were supposed to be regulating, sometimes days after quitting. And reams of documents at the SEC, which are legally required to be kept for 25 years, are inexplicably fed to the shredders.

Comment Too much theory, not enough practice (Score 3, Insightful) 75

The last paragraph pretty much sums it up.
"It's mostly a proof of concept or rather a disproof of the assumption that wind vibrations can't be usefully harvested. Don't expect tiny metal forests to power cities, but it's still a cool idea."
So this appears not to have any practical applications.

Comment Ah, here we go. (Score 2) 567

"In Fiat Chrysler vehicles equipped with this shifter design, opening the driver's door when the car is not in Park triggers a chime and an instrument cluster alert, and the engine cannot be turned off with the car in gear"

I'm guessing "chime and alert" is a roundabout way of saying the car screams at you "hey moron, you left the car in gear!" the dash lights up like a Christmas tree.

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