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Submission + - Portable That Can Play MP3 from DVD?

Denyer writes: These days CD players that can handle MP3 from data CD are ubiquitous. Many portable DVD players also claim to play MP3s, but turn out to play them only from burned CDs, not burned DVDs. Can any /.ers recommend some models that definitely do play MP3 from DVD-R and/or DVD+R? Thanks!

Submission + - Album giveaway could ignite music revolution

Denyer writes: A couple of years ago, Seattle group Harvey Danger released their album Little By Little online, free, forever. Now press elsewhere are increasingly giving coverage to the idea that music serves better as the advertising for live shows and merchandise, and UK band The Crimea have thrown themselves into the ring with their second album, Secrets of the Witching Hour. What do Slashdot readers think: is there value in recordings themselves any more, or are they mostly something to be shared and attract attention to a band's other endeavours?

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