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Comment Re:Idiotic (Score 1) 333

I don't think the poster was referring to the idea of Hyperloop or FSR as idiotic. He's responding to TFA's proposed X-Prize style challenge. The idea of private entities competing for a prize by each building such a system is a bit much, given the political and private property issues involved. Random X-Prize team cannot invoke eminent domain to compete for a prize.

Comment Re:Meh.... (Score 1) 242

I don't love it, but I'll reserve judgment until I see it. I think I mostly don't like the fact that he's already appeared in the series as another character. Sure, Karen Gillan also appeared in a previous episode before becoming Amy Pond, but she was so heavily made up you wouldn't recognize her. They had Eve Myles play different characters, but at least they had a fun little nod to that fact. So maybe it's fine.

I guess I do like the fact that they're going with someone who will probably be darker and less goofy than Smith.

And let's not forget Freema Agyeman playing Martha's cousin a couple of episodes before coming on as Martha Jones.

Comment Re:Personal Responsibility? (Score 1) 578

The problem with printed firearms is that they're plastic. We have no means to detect them. They instantly obsolete our security infrastructure. You can walk onto an airplane with one. You could walk into a courtroom with one. You could walk into the White House, Congress, or the Supreme Court with one. That is a major problem..

People keep saying this. The Liberator uses a metal firing pin. Sure, you would walk into a courtroom with one. It wouldn't be a functional gun, but it would look like one.

Comment Re:Download Linux (Score 3, Informative) 224

Why would they bust you for downloading Linux?

I got a nasty letter from my ISP telling me "No peer-to-peer". I called them, and said "WTF guys? I download Linux distros and OpenOffice ISOs via torrent, all kinds of 100% legal and legitimate content." "We don't care. No peer-to-peer."

So I signed up for a VPN, of course.

I wonder if they also go after all the folks that are just trying to download the latest WoW patch. Seems like most MMORPGs these days use P2P updaters.

Comment Re:Mr. President (Score 1) 291

pushing congress to increase non-defensive R&D spending to 3% of the U.S. GDP

3% of GDP sounds like a hell of a lot. It works out to 452 billion. I hope TFS misplaced a decimal point or something because otherwise the president is a stranger to reason.

We could pull $452B out of our defense budget and still be the biggest defense spender in the world nearly twice over (source: Wikipedia). Come to think of it, that might not be a bad idea.

Still, I'm sure he meant 3% of the federal budget rather than GDP.

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